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Getting Started...Again

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Getting started again after the holidays, an injury, or any long hiatus from training, is a challenge for most. Perhaps you did a big race at the end of last year and have taken a few days, that turned into weeks, off from training. Now that you are feeling fat, out of shape, and lethargic, getting the desire to get up and move can be challenging (check out my previous article). After a tough year of training and racing or perhaps being sidelined with an injury, this probably was a much-needed break. But how do you get your mojo back? How do you get the motivation to get started…Again?

Start by picking a goal race or event that is substantial enough to scare you a bit (see my previous article). Maybe you want a PR at a specific distance, or you have a dream to qualify for Kona, or you want to finish your first ultra-trail race or triathlon. What ever that goal is, it needs to be big enough to help you realize the importance of starting now so that you can reach that goal. Consider choosing a goal that is realistic and at the same time one that you are going to have to really work for; one that if you don’t do the work there is the possibility of not reaching that goal. Now register for that race or event. You are all in!

Next, tell someone (or everyone) what that goal is. Once you speak it out loud it becomes even more real. Write it down, commit to that goal and reach out to teammates, friends and family so that they too can help inspire and encourage you. It is always helpful to find others that may have similar goals so that you can push one another to stay the course and have the accountability to train.

Now that you have committed to a goal and you have an accountability system in place, get a plan to reach your goal. There are many options for such a plan, so start by outlining what you want to accomplish. If you decide to get help with developing your plan of action you can research online "canned" workouts or purchase an online semi-customized plan. Ideally, you can hire a coach ( to work with you to outline and develop the training strategy specifically for you. Having a coach who will hold you accountable, encourage you, and work closely with you to get you to that finish line healthy is a definite advantage.

Planning will include where and when to train, the appropriate nutrition before, during and after each training session, and when to back off and recover. There are many elements to consider.

✅You have chosen a goal, you are committed, you have accountability, and you have a plan.

😀Now it is time for Action!

Actions include training, nutrition, and rest. All three are important so that you can reach your goal and get that PR or cross that finish line. Go to bed early, practice clean nutrition, and do the work!


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