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Holiday Week Portable Workout

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

It’s crazy holiday time again. Perhaps you’re on your own version of ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ and traveling to visit family and friends. If you’re so inclined, get a workout in.

Now, there may not be a lot of space in your hotel room, guest room, or wherever you are staying, so these two workouts are designed to get you sweaty and breathless, and they don’t require a lot of space! These two circuits will help you get some exercise in! I’ve included a few videos for the less familiar exercises.

The first circuit is affectionately called ‘Stuck in a Hotel Room.’ My recommendation is 4-5 sets, but you can add or subtract sets, depending on how much time you have and your motivation level. Work through from 1-4, then rest one minute. That’s your first set! Repeat to your heart’s delight.

  1. 10 squats, 5 push-ups, 5 burpees (can use a bench or step to put hands-on)

  2. 10 lunges (each leg), 5 push-ups, 5 burpees

  3. 10 squats (hands behind head), 10 lunges (hands behind head), 5 burpees

  4. 10 push-ups, 5 jump squats, 10 lateral lunges

The next circuit is for the core and is called ‘Plank Set’ (mostly because I have no imagination. You may come up with another name that reflects your level of love for the circuit). I recommend 3 rounds, but you can add or subtract sets again! Rest 30 seconds to one minute between sets, then start again. Kudos if you can flow from one plank to another without resting!

30 seconds of each (rest as much as needed between exercises):

  • Plank

  • Left plank (elbow)

  • Right plank (elbow)

  • Rolling planks

  • Tabletop Crunches

  • Bicycle Crunches

Have a great holiday season!


Coach Maria Netherland is a Northwest Florida-based coach who is a USA Triathlon Level II Endurance and Youth & Juniors Certified Coach as well as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist. Coach Maria loves working for athletes of all abilities, military athletes, and new triathletes as they pursue their goals. Maria is a veteran of the US Army and a United States Military Academy at West Point graduate. She can be reached at



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