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Mountain Biking Race Packing Checklist

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Packing for a mountain biking race can be just as stressful or nerve-wracking as the race itself! If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: staying organized can alleviate lots of unnecessary stress and frustration and help you arrive at the mountain biking event ready to give it your best!

This packing list will help you pack for most mountain biking events and feel prepared, organized, and ready to go!


__ ID card

__ Race registration (see athletes’ guide for requirements)

__ Hotel/AirBnb reservation information

__ Snacks and meals for travels


__ Warmup clothes for pre/ post-race

__ Shoes or sandals for pre/post-race

__ Pre and post-race nutrition

__ Headlamp or light for evening/night racing

__ Sunscreen

__ First Aid kit

__ Chamois cream


__ Bike computer and charging cable

__ GPS watch and charging cable

__ Heart rate monitor

Race Clothing

__ Cycling shorts

__ Cycling jersey

__ Base layer (if preferred)

__ Cycling shoes

__ Cycling Gloves

__ Bandana or buff (if preferred)

__ Socks

__ Sunglasses and/or goggles

__ Helmet

Seasonal Clothing

__ Bike leggings or leg warmers (for cold weather)

__ Arm warmers/coolers

__ Fleece (for cold weather)

__ Cap and/or beanie

__ Rain jacket (if preferred)

Tools and Equipment

__ Mountain bike

__ Air pump

__ Suspension pump (if applicable)

__ Spare tubes

__ Spare brake pads

__ Flat repair kit OR tubeless kit

__ Chain lube

__ Multitool

__ Duct tape and/or electrical tape

__ Spare parts (derailleur hanger, chain, gear cable)

__ Hydration pack and bladder or water bottles


__ Hydration mix/tablets for race

__ Gels / bars

__ Other fuel in your nutrition plan


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