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One Month of Swim Workouts

One month of free swim workouts! Three workouts a week for four weeks. There are a variety of workouts for general swim fitness. Please look through them, use what you like, and change what you dislike.


Everyone has their own shorthand, so please email me at with any questions. I am happy to discuss things you like or dislike. All feedback is welcome!


*Athletes and coaches: please know you are using these workouts and/or completing them at your own risk. It is your responsibility to know your own or your athlete’s ability.


Coach Sydney brings more than 20 years of swimming experience to Team MPI as both a swimmer and coach. As a swimmer, she was a Colorado State Champion, State Record Holder, and All-American. She moved on to compete for the University of North Texas, an NCAA Division I team, qualifying for National Invite and Conference USA Championships. As a coach, Sydney has coaching experience at the NCAA Division I level with UNT and is now the Head Coach for the Colorado Torpedoes in Manitou Springs, CO.



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