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The Ultimate Triathlon Packing List

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Packing for various endurance and multisport events can be a sport in itself. There are a lot of little details to keep track of. Staying organized and feeling confident that you've got what you need can really help reduce stress and increase your overall enjoyment and performance.

That's why we created printable packing checklists to help you stay organized. Print one out every time you start packing for a race (or bookmark this blog) and reduce your race-preparation stress.

If you're preparing and packing for an IRONMAN distance race or other races that require transition and special needs bags, one strategy many athletes find helpful is to highlight or underline in different colors what you'll put in each transition and special needs bag to be sure each item goes in the right place.

Triathlon Packing List


__ Lodging and travel information

__ Snacks and hydration (and meals if preferred)

__ Recovery tools (Normatec boots, foam roller, etc. if preferred)

__ Compression clothes (if preferred)

__ Training clothes for final workouts

__ Casual clothes and shoes

__ Towel (for practice swim, etc.)

__ USAT/IRONMAN ID and QR Code (see packet pickup requirements)

Race Clothing

__ Tri shorts and top, Speedsuit, or Tri-suit

__ Race morning warmup clothes


__ Race morning breakfast and snacks

__ Pre-swim nutrition

__ Bike nutrition

__ Run nutrition

__ Post-race nutrition (if preferred)

__ Travel meals (if preferred)


__ Sports watch

__ Charging cables for watch, bike, bike computer, etc.

__ HR strap


__ Wetsuit or swimskin

  • IRONMAN water temp. cutoff: 76.1 F

  • USAT water temp. cutoff: 78.1 F

__ Goggles (tinted, lighter, and/or photocrhomatic)

__ Swim cap (one for practice and issued race cap)

__ Earplugs (if preferred)

__ Bodyglide or similar products (if preferred)

__ Swim safety buoy (for pre-race practice swim)

__ Sandals or socks to discard at swim start


__ Bike

__ Helmet

__ Bike computer (if preferred)

__ Sunglasses or helmet visor

__ Cycling shoes

__ Socks (if preferred)

__ Cycling gloves (if preferred)

__ Cycling clothing layers (if preferred)

__ Water bottle(s) and hydration system (if preferred)

__ Bento box (if preferred)

__ Chamois cream

__ Bike pump

__ Bike repair kit (Levers, multitool, spare tubes, CO2, patch kit, etc.)


__ Running shoes

__ Socks (if preferred)

__ Hat/visor

__ Sunglasses (if different from bike and preferred)

__ Race belt and bib number

__ Vaseline/Aquaphor, bandaids, etc. (if preferred)

__ Handheld water bottle (if preferred)

__ Sunscreen


__ Transition towel/mat (if preferred and necessary)

__ Rubber bands (for bike shoes on bike if preferred)

__ Electrical tape/duct tape

__ Scissors

__ Plastic baggies

__ Trash bag (for rainy conditions)

__ Sharpie(s)

__ Applicable medical resources (KT Tape, braces, medication, etc.)

__ Zip ties



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