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Your Bite-Sized Core Training Plan

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

by Kelly Ryan

Does the thought of doing your core training make you cringe? After 8-12 hours of swimming, biking, and running every week, where exactly are you supposed to fit your strength and core training?

We know that a strong, balanced, and activated core not only allows an athlete to transfer power efficiently in all three sports, but it also prevents injury by providing a solid foundation from which your extremities are able to move, preventing excess stress on smaller muscles and soft tissue like your rotator cuffs and IT band.

So far, I've found the most success with getting athletes to regularly do their core work by prescribing, small "bite-sized" core routines 4-5 days per week, versus having 2-3 bigger workouts each week. These workouts should take no more than 15 minutes. They're designed to fit into your morning routine (perhaps while your coffee brews) or right before you sit down to watch your evening show. It will go a long way toward preventing injuries as you log those miles toward your next race.


Exercise Sets Reps/Time

Plank 1 set Hold for as long as possible

Side Plank 1 set on each side Hold for as long as possible

Single Leg Glute Bridge 3 on each side 12x total


Exercise Sets Reps/Time

Prisoner Squat 2 sets 10-15x

Dead Bug 2 sets 30x

Single Leg RDLs 2 on each side 8-10x


Exercise Sets Reps/Time

Banded Side Steps 3 12-15x


Anti-Rotation Press 3 on each side 12-15x


Exercise Sets Reps/Time

Cable Rows

(bands or dumbbells) 3 12-15x

Deltoid Raise 3 12-15x

Bicycle Crunches 3 30x


Exercise Sets Reps/Time

Boat Pose 3 60 seconds (or longest possible)

Alternate Reach and Catch 3 12-15x


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