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Whether you’re thinking about racing your first Road, Triathlon or MTB race or you’ve been racing for years, a professional and proper bike fit will pay huge dividends to you. Comfort, power, aerodynamics and optimizing muscle groups are the results of a truly professional bike fit.


Team MPI has two VFS Bike Fitters:

  • Coach Adam Sczech (Founder of VFS)
  • Coach Mark Turner

VFS Bike Fit for Athletes

PriceFrom $200.00
  • ​​If someone purchases a suit, they typically take it to the tailor so that the suit will fit them well and be comfortable to wear.  This analogy can be applied to bikes; if you purchase a bike and intend to ride it, why not make it as comfortable and efficient as possible to ride?

    Increasing one’s comfort on a bike can greatly enhance one’s ride experience, making bikes that much more fun to ride. Riders can reduce their risk of injury by simultaneously decreasing stress and increasing efficiency on the bike; a bike fit helps ensure that the proper muscles are being utilized for movement while riding.

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