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January 04, 2022


Coach Aaron has a lot of experience with brick workouts (he's done quite a few in his career). Head over to this blog to get some ideas and insights about how to get the most out of each brick workout.


Head over to the blog to keep reading!

Team MPI Racing Calendar

Across the Finish Line

We hope you had some lovely holiday rest and celebrations!

Heading to the Start Line

McDowell Meltdown MTB Racing

January 8 & 9 2022

McDowell Mountain Regional Park, AZ

Alex Beard (racing Elite Sat, Juniors Sun)

Team MPI Partner Spotlight: CarboRocket Rocket Red

Dial in your pre-workout nutrition this year with Rocket Red

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Rocket Red is made with all-natural, plant-based nitric oxide boosters. Formulated with scientifically researched and tested ingredients to help you train harder, race faster, and recover quicker. It's made with great ingredients like pomegranate, tart cherry juice, beet juice, and more!

Head over to the CarboRocket website to learn more and

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Last Call: January Book Club Invitation!


The DC Tri Club invites YOU to join them for a January virtual book club!


For a change of pace, the DC Tri Club will be reading a fast-paced, contemporary mystery set in a fictional Tour de France. In this intrigue-filled novel, racers are starting to drop out after a number of “accidents”: food poisoning, a crash caused by two spectators, a suspicious suicide, and an exploded trailer. The French police start investigating potential culprits, including cyclists who want to win at any cost. Following the plot twists in this life-or-death cycling race will keep you in suspense, guessing “who done it” page after page.


This virtual book club is open to all and there’s no requirement to have finished reading the book! We welcome athletes who want to combine the book discussion with a trainer or treadmill workout.

We will be meeting virtually with Zoom. RSVP to receive details which will be sent about a week before the meeting.

Get all the details HERE and sign up for this great winter opportunity to connect with athletes and read a page-turner of a book!

Team MPI Run Coaching


Got running goals in 2022? We're here to help you get there!

Whether you're thinking of getting a Boston Qualifying marathon time, tackling your first ultra run, or conquering your first 5K, we've got the expertise and passion to get you there!

Running, however pure, has its teeth too that will bite us if we're not smart enough. That's where Team MPI comes in. We know how to help you get faster and stronger without getting injured or burnt out.


Our coaches know how to build plans that create a sense of pleasure and accomplishment, not massive fatigue and helplessness. We're your teammate, manager, and caretaker of the most important part of your brain - the part that feels joy.

Click here to get all the details about Run Coaching and schedule a FREE coach consultation today!

NEW SEGMENT: Team MPI Tip Tuesday!


We're going to run a new series of tips and strategies to help you get the most out of your training. Topics will range from organization ideas to executing a workout effectively! Stay tuned--and if you've got a tip you'd like to share, drop us an email or DM us on Social Media to share it and we'll run our favorites in a future Tip Tuesday!

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