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Team MPI Newsletter

April 19, 2022


Sometimes things come up in training that derail even the best-laid plans! Whether it's the weather, illness, lack of access to the right equipment, or another challenge, there are opportunities to adapt and overcome. Check out these tips and insights from Coach Maria that will help you navigate these "what if" situations like a pro!

Head over to the Team MPI blog

to keep reading!


Coach MarkT is approaching his 60th birthday and taking time to reflect on life and living to take advantage of every opportunity.


Even though, as Coach MarkT says, getting old isn't for sissies, head over to the blog to glean some valuable life wisdom!

Team MPI Racing Calendar

Across the Finish Line

Boston Marathon

April 18, 2022

Boston, MA

Viktoria Brown

Heading to the Start Line

Rumpus In Bumpass Olympic Triathlon

April 23, 2022

Pleasant Landing, VA

Nick Martin

Sydney 10K

April 23, 2022

Sydney, Australia

Mindy Carson

Sydney 1/2 Marathon

April 23, 2022

Sydney, Australia

Noel Meltzer

ICE Breaker Triathlon

April 23, 2022

Granite Beach, CA

Ericka Hachmeister

Team MPI Partner Spotlight: BLUE70 Media Challenge!

Post to social media and win awesome BLUE70 Gear!!


Our partners at Blueseventy are hosting an amazing social media challenge! This will be over the next 4 weeks with a new theme and prize for each week. The details on how to participate are below!


To participate please follow Blueseventy on Instagram and Facebook!


Weekly Photo Contest Themes

1. Where do you swim

2. Worst Swim Bag

3. Ugliest swim face

4. Most Blueseventy Gear you can wear at once

The first competition will start Monday, April 18. Here's how to participate:

1. Submission will be taken from Monday thru Thursday each week

2. Friday, BLUE70 will choose 5 to 10 submissions to be voted on by you and your athletes each week.

3. Saturday a winner will be chosen and announced and the prize awarded each week.


How to Submit

All submissions can be posted on the athletes' social media pages or team pages, with the following criteria:

1. Use #allfortheswim (If it does not have this, we will not be able to see the post on our end)

2. Please add the official Blueseventy account @blueseventy

Head over to the Blueseventy website to check out all the great Blueseventy gear you can win!

Team MPI Gear Spotlight: The Epic Team MPI T!


From stepping on the podium to running around town, this is the perfect t-shirt!

Whether you're stepping onto the podium to collect your medal or checking things off your to-do list around town, this t-shirt out-performs all others! Rock your favorite triathlon team in comfort and style. It's made from 100% combed ring-spun cotton for the ultimate softness when relaxing or post-race. You'll want one for every day of the week--we guarantee it!


Head to the Team MPI website to order your epic Team MPI T today (or two or three).

Team MPI Tip Tuesday: When to replace bike tires

Need new tires on your bike? Here's how to tell--before you suffer a blowout!

Whether it is from long-term wear, or from rolling through broken glass or prickly needles, tires need to be constantly checked and replaced as needed.

When you start clocking up the miles every week you will be amazed how quickly your tires do wear down or fail completely. Pre-empting catastrophic failure while on a long ride can save a lot of frustration--and skip the "walk of shame." Here are six ways to tell your tires are ready to for replacing:

1. Worn tread: This is usually easy to spot. On an MTB tire, the absence of any remaining tread is a good indicator that it is ready to be replaced (but we recommend replacing it before it gets that worn).

2. Flat spot along the center of the tire: Road tires don't usually have a significant tread pattern, but one way to notice wear is the formation of a flat surface down the center line. Once this 'ridge' appears you may notice you get more punctures, it will be harder to maintain top speed and cornering will become unpredictable.

3. Cracked rubber anywhere: Rubber becomes brittle with age and can be dangerous if not replaced. If cracks are appearing (they often start on the sidewalls), replace the tires as quickly as possible as this can become a safety concern.

4. Repeat flats: On a road bike, a good indicator that it's time to replace your tires is when you experience repeat flats. Check your tires for wear, holes, and a proper seal.

5. Cuts and holes: The roadside is full of all sorts of junk and debris, particularly after rain. Even if you don't get an immediate puncture you will notice a constant build-up of small nicks and cuts over time. Check your tires regularly to ensure there aren't any punctures, holes, or other things compromising the tire. A tube inflated to 100 PSI will squeeze through any hole available, which usually ends up as a puncture.

6. Bubbles or deformities: If you're riding and notice any unusual vibrations or irregularities in your tire, it's time for some new treads! Those small deformities can quickly turn into bigger problems if not addressed.

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