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September 22, 2020

How can athletes safely return to exercise after a COVID-19 infection? New evidence has shown that athletes should be screened after infection before they return to training, even they had a mild/moderate or non-symptomatic infection.


COVID-19 produces a wide range of systemic and organ complications after infection that athletes and other COVID patients can experience.

Doctor and Coach Manuel Delgado offers some insight and tips on how to safely return to training after contracting COVID.


Like many athletes, I’m a busy person. I have a few jobs - triathlon coaching, personal training, teaching swimming, and working for a web design company. I've found that I’m happier when I’m busier and that I’m happiest if my calendar is an accurate reflection of how my days should go. Like any plan, it doesn’t always survive first contact. Things go awry! However, if I have a plan to start with, I find that it’s easier to rearrange my day and not get flustered or overwhelmed or…..miss training!

Keep reading for Coach Maria's tips on how to fit everything into your calendar!

Coach Maria's Monday Minute

This week on Maria's Monday Minute: The Run Warmup

Do you warm up before you run? In this week's Monday Minute, Coach Maria offers some great insight into WHY the run warmup is important and a sample pre-run session you can try.

Head over to the blog for more details and a sample warmup session!

Coach Laura's Coach Tip Tuesday


This week on Coach Tip Tuesday: Happiness Is A Function Of...


This year, a majority of folks ceased commuting, got more time at home, and had more control over their daily schedules. And yet, people are more unhappy now than they were before, and the data backs this up. Since 2019, 23% more American adults are reporting that they are feeling depressed and anxious.


As I started this self-study on happiness, a theme kept popping up in every book, article, and podcast I listened to:


Happiness is a function of expectations minus reality.

Keep reading this timely tip over at the Team MPI blog!

Team MPI Highlights

Coach Mark Sortino Announces Exciting New Things For Fall 2020


Team MPI Racing Calendar

Race Results


September 18-20

This is part of the IRONMAN Kona series.

Lee Turner

Coach Mark Turner

Cortney Bell

Michael Bell

Sunapee Olympic Triathlon

Newburry, NH

Saturday, Sept. 19

Samantha Forman

Keuka Outlet Trail Half Marathon - VirtuREAL Edition

Penn Yan, New York

September 19, 2020

Jean Carnese

Congrats on a PR in this race!


Lake George, New York

September 19, 2020

Zach DeLany

This was a family affair as Zach's kids joined and each finished 4th in their age groups!

That Dam Hill 24 Hour Race

London Ontario

Viktoria Brown

Congrats on a 1st overall finish and new course record, running over 130 total miles!

Run the Res 5K - Virtual

Syracuse, New York

September 19, 2020

Lisa Crockford

Woolmarket Duathlon

Biloxi, Mississippi

September 19, 2020

Jay Meadows

Congrats on a 3rd overall finish!

Upcoming Races


September 25-27

This race continues the VR Kona series. Learn more and register online!

Register free online!

Oregon 24/12/6 MTB Race

Bend, OR

September 26-27

Jeff Wallace (racing 24 hrs)

Heidi Dohse (racing 24 hrs)

Coach Mark & Jennifer Hazard

(racing 12hrs, co-ed team)

Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what virtual races or events you're going to do so we can cheer you on!

Zach and his family dominated the ADK 5K! Well done DeLany family!

Jean flexed her muscles and gave a strong performance at the Keuka Outlet Trail Run.

Katrisha and Jonathan Brown and David and Dawn Bauerle enjoyed some Team MPI vacation time.

Partner Spotlight: American Bicycle Group

QR september blast.png

We're proud to partner with the American Bicycle Group to make sure our Team MPI athletes have access to some of the best bikes on the market. Whether you're gravel grinding or time trialing, the American Bicycle Group has a ride for you at an affordable price!

This month, they're featuring a great review of the Obed Boundary bike as well as features about their the PRseries, SRfive, and Litespeed Gravel bikes.

Check it out over at their website and contact your Team MPI coach or Bryanna about some sweet discounts!

Team MPI Wednesday Virtual Brick Workouts

Coach Kelly is hosting weekly virtual brick workouts! Whether you're a Team MPI athlete or not, you're welcome to join the fun.

While the workouts will be on Zwift, having Zwift and a smart trainer are not required to participate in these fun, challenging bike workouts. All you REALLY need is a free Zoom account and a bike trainer.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 23 from 6:15 to 7:30 pm EDT

WHERE: Online! Zoom + optional Zwift

WHO: All are welcome!

Here's how to join the fun!

1. Contact Coach Kelly to get the Zoom link.

2. Follow Coach Kelly Ryan on the Zwift companion app and send her a message so you can get an invitation to the event. Coach Kelly will send specific details and instructions about how to get the most out of your virtual workout experience.

3. Join the Zoom call first, then start riding on Zwift (but don't be late... unfortunately, Zwift doesn't allow stragglers!).

Team MPI Thursday Virtual Bike Workouts

Don't use Zwift? Don't worry! ​Coach Becky is launching a series of Thursday virtual bike workouts just for you!

When: Thursday, September 24, 2020

Time: Zoom starts at 4 pm MDT

There's no need to have a Zwift account for these sweat fest sessions, Coach Becky will be leading some RPE workout sessions (rate of perceived exertion). That means anyone can join!


Want in on the excitement? Just send Coach Becky an email so she can send you the link to join on Zoom!

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