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November 30, 2021


Whether you're looking for a Cyber Week gift for yourself or shopping for the endurance athletes in your life, this gift guide will help you choose the best, most useful gifts that any endurance athlete will love to receive.

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December 5, 2021

Washington, DC

Nick Martin

Team MPI Partner Spotlight: Quintana Roo V-PR

Upgrade your bike this winter and grab some "free speed" for the 2022 season

V-PR bike_edited.jpg

The team at Quintana Roo applied everything they've learned from years building top-notch speed machines, then sought places where they could improve. They especially looked for improvements in the area of aerodynamics. Less weight. Improved handling. Ease of use.


And because these bikes are ridden by athletes in the heat of battle, a QR must always provide considerable advantage to the multisport athlete as they prepare for the run.

In their relentless pursuit of technology, simplicity, purity, attainability, lightness, and of course, speed, the result is the new V-PR bike.

Team MPI coached athletes, chat with your coach about potential special team offers!

Head over to the Quintana Roo website to learn all about the new V-PR bike and order yours today!

Team MPI Now Offers Gift Certificates!


Buy your favorite endurance athlete (or yourself) a gift certificate for the holidays this year!


You can't go wrong with a gift card! Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own. Then choose how you'd like to deliver the gift (in person, email, etc.) and when!

Whether you'd like to gift a bike fit, a one-on-one swim session, or months of coaching, the options really are endless with a Team MPI gift certificate. Or help your loved ones do their holiday shopping for you by offering some not-so-subtle hints that a gift card really is a "one-size-fits-all" gift!

Head over to the Team MPI website to learn more and purchase a gift certificate for your favorite athlete!

Team MPI Thursday Virtual Bike Workout


What better way to spend your Thursday evenings than with ​Coach Becky for her Thursday Group Bike Workouts!

When: Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021

Time: Zoom starts at 4 pm MT


Coach Becky will be leading some RPE-based workout sessions (rate of perceived exertion) so you don't need a subscription to any virtual platforms for these workouts and they're designed for anyone to join!


Want in on the excitement? Just send Coach Becky an email so she can send you the link to join on Zoom!

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Team MPI Epix Gear

Order Team MPI custom apparel ANY time and receive it in 5-6 weeks.

No minimums or deadlines. Incredible comfort and high performance!