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November 5, 2019

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Performance

Coach Gregg Edelstein

There's no magic formula to get stronger and faster. Get back to basics with these five simple habits that will help you make the most of your training.

One Thing

Coach Mark Turner

As we approach the end of the year, it's a good time to look at the things we take on across a year and reevaluate them going forward. What is your ONE THING? Knowing this will provide focus, direction, and true satisfaction.

Team MPI Racing


Frog Hollow 25 Hour (MTB)

November 2-3, Hurricane, UT
Coach Adam Sczech 

Mike Baughman - 1st M50+ solo

Coach Mark Sortino - 4th M50+ solo

Hamilton Marathon

November 2, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Viktoria Brown - 22 min PR + BQ!


November 2, Panama City Beach, FL

Christina Barker - 1st IM!

Jayme Bograd - 1st IM!

Katya Karpitskaya
Candice Taylor - PR!


Run Disney Wine and Dine challenge (10k + 13.1)

November 2-3, Orlando, FL

Heidi Dohse

Senior Bowl 10k

November 2, Mobile, AL

Chad Chupek

IRONMAN 70.3 Los Cabos

November 3, Mexico

Andrew Rothfeder - Qualified for 2020 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship


The Skippo (half Marathon trail race)

November 3, Ballwin, MO

David Garthe

NYC Marathon

November 3, New York, NY

Jeanne Boyle

Rodger Krause


Salt Fork Fall Trail Challenge

November 9, Cambridge, OH

Jim Jeitler

Michelle Jeitler

St. Croix Coral Reef Swim (Five-Mile Race)

November 10, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Scott Heintzelman


Syracuse Half Marathon

November 10, Syracuse, NY

Lisa Crockford

Mo Mannal

Tami Stone

Beth Tucker

Christina Barker after her maiden IRONMAN voyage - IRONMAN Florida! Christina trains with Coach Laura Henry

Heidi Dohse ran a 10K and Half Marathon as part of the Run Disney Wine and Dine Challenge. Heidi trains with Coach Mark Sortino.

Coaches Adam SczechMark Sortino and athlete Mike Baughman at 25 Hours of Frog Hollow MTB Race. 

Welcome New Athletes

Mary Houck of Fort Plain, NY - Coach Laura Henry
Jim and Michelle Jeitler of Marietta, OH - Coach Laura Henry
Don Reiman of Boise, ID - Coach Mark Sortino
Ivana Zupa of New York, NY - Coach Laura Henry

Athlete Spotlight

Meet Jim and Michelle Jeitler

Training with Coach Laura Henry

Michelle: I'm a mathlete here in Marietta, Ohio (I teach math at the college here) who took up running 11 years ago by quitting smoking and starting running on the same day. I have always done things the hard way, the first race I ever signed up for was a half marathon taking place 7 months after I started running. That's just who I am  I make up one half of TeamScience, the other half is my husband Jim who is just as passionate about all things endurance as I am. I decided to take on IRONMAN Lake Placid next year after taking (earning? having?) a DNF there in 2016. After an extensive search, and talking with quite a few folks, I decided that Laura's coaching style and personality were the perfect fit to help me be successful at Lake Placid. She is also coaching me to be successful at American Triple T which is a four-day triathlon event that takes place 45 minutes north of where I live in Ohio.


I am the other half of TeamScience. Together, Michelle and I have two cats Molybdenum (Moly) and Darmstadtium (Darma). We moved here in 2007 from Idaho. I had been a part time runner to keep in shape since I was in college. With a new job at a new school (I teach chemistry at Marietta College) in a new state I fell off of the running bandwagon.  When we looked at some vacation photos in 2009, Michelle and I decided something had to change and I took up running again and Michelle quit smoking and joined me. I had always wanted to complete a Marathon so I started running longer distances. At one point I did not think I could do it so Michelle signed me up for the Akron Marathon in 2009. The rest is history. I have now completed 28 marathons, five 50k trail races and the JFK 50 mile race.

In 2014 Michelle took up triathlon and, in what has now become known amongst our friends as "The Jeitler Effect" she convinced me to tri (pun intended) one. I really did not like it, especially the swimming, and after a disastrous Syracuse 70.3 I was going to quit triathlon. Michelle kept at me and convinced me to try again and for some reason it was much better and I have been doing them ever since.  

This year I am looking forward to completing American Triple T for the second time and first time with Michelle. After that we are going to tackle IRONMAN Lake Placid. I joined Team MPI to help train for these goals because Michelle did a lot of research and got recommendations from a friend and decided that Laura Henry was the coach for her. I want to work out with Michelle so I joined Team MPI also.

As I look back at my accomplishments, they are mainly due to the support and love I get from Michelle. I am just looking forward to having a great year with her.

Upcoming Events

Team MPI Coaches Retreat West

Tempe, AZ - November 22

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