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December 7, 2021


With the holidays upon us and many people traveling, hosting family, and generally navigating disrupted schedules, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit this blog from the summer. While it's directed at summer vacations, the principles and strategies can translate well to the holiday season.


Take a peek and see which tips and strategies will help you maintain your winter training goals and still fully enjoy the holiday festivities.

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December 11, 2021

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Betsy Moore

Team MPI Partner Spotlight: Blue70 Core Short

Keep your "feel" for wetsuit swimming through winter pool sessions with the Blue70 Core Short!

Blueseventy Core Short.webp

The Core Short provides a lift for the hips and legs while swimming - simulating the lift of a wetsuit, and mimicking the feeling of using a pull-buoy.


For triathletes, training with the Core Short will provide a seamless transition to wetsuit swimming in open water- getting you ready for race day.


For pool swimmers, the Core Short is essentially a wearable, improved pull-buoy: it improves every swim stroke, allows natural kick and hip rotation, and flip-turns are easier.

Designed with the same top-end materials as the Blue70 Helix Wetsuits, the Core Short is crafted from 5mm Aerodome neoprene with flexible 3mm thick side panels. Designed to be durable and able to withstand hours of pool and open-water use, it is meant to be worn over a swimsuit.

This is a great addition to your off-season gear bag because it will help you retain your "feel" for the wetsuit ticking off those pool laps. It can also help you really break down your swim stroke and focus on small but powerful improvements.

Head over to the Blue70 website to learn all about the Core Shorts and order yours today!

Interested In A Book Club for Endurance Athletes?


The DC Tri Club invites YOU to join them for a January virtual book club!


For a change of pace, the DC Tri Club will be reading a fast-paced, contemporary mystery set in a fictional Tour de France. In this intrigue-filled novel, racers are starting to drop out after a number of “accidents”: food poisoning, a crash caused by two spectators, a suspicious suicide, and an exploded trailer. The French police start investigating potential culprits, including cyclists who want to win at any cost. Following the plot twists in this life-or-death cycling race will keep you in suspense, guessing “who done it” page after page.


This virtual book club is open to all and there’s no requirement to have finished reading the book! We welcome athletes who want to combine the book discussion with a trainer or treadmill workout.

We will be meeting virtually with Zoom. RSVP to receive details which will be sent about a week before the meeting.

Get all the details HERE and sign up for this great winter opportunity to connect with athletes and read a page-turner of a book!

Winter Is The Perfect Time For A Bike Fit!


Get a VFS Bike Fit this off-season to get faster and stronger on your bike!


Whether you’re thinking about racing your first road race, Triathlon, gravel race, or MTB event, or if you’ve been racing for years, a professional and proper bike fit will pay huge dividends for you.


Comfort, power, aerodynamics, and optimizing muscle groups are the results of a truly professional bike fit. The off-season is a great time to get a professional bike fit because it gives you plenty of time to adapt to the new fit and build more confidence as you ride.

Click here to learn all about how VFS bike fits work and what to expect, then head over to the Team MPI website to grab a bike fit from one of our professional fitters!

Team MPI Gift Cards--the Perfect Gift for Any Occasion!


Buy your favorite endurance athlete (or yourself) a gift certificate for the holidays this year!


You can't go wrong with a gift card! Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own. Then choose how you'd like to deliver the gift (in person, email, etc.) and when!

Whether you'd like to gift a bike fit, a one-on-one swim session, or months of coaching, the options really are endless with a Team MPI gift certificate. Or help your loved ones do their holiday shopping for you by offering some not-so-subtle hints that a gift card really is a "one-size-fits-all" gift!

Head over to the Team MPI website to learn more and purchase a gift certificate for your favorite athlete!

Team MPI Thursday Virtual Bike Workout


What better way to spend your Thursday evenings than with ​Coach Becky for her Thursday Group Bike Workouts!

When: Thursday, Dec. 9, 2021

Time: Zoom starts at 4 pm MT


Coach Becky will be leading some RPE-based workout sessions (rate of perceived exertion) so you don't need a subscription to any virtual platforms for these workouts and they're designed for anyone to join!


Want in on the excitement? Just send Coach Becky an email so she can send you the link to join on Zoom!

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