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December 28, 2021

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Coach Becky shares how adopting an older dog helped her get back into ultra-running and why this story can help YOU as we wrap up 2021 and jump into 2022! (Hint: it doesn't necessarily mean you need to take up ultra-running.)


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Across the Finish Line

Coach Adam hosted his annual birthday/Christmas "Just for the Sczech of It" run and many of us probably enjoyed our own "Santa Shuffles" this week!

Heading to the Start Line

Happy Holidays! Our start line is empty this week as we prepare to ring in 2022!

Team MPI Partner Spotlight: Hyperice Hypervolt GO

The Hypervolt GO is the perfect blend of recovery and "on-the-go" lifestyle you want!


The Hypervolt GO was designed to move with you. It gives you portable percussion massage in a perfectly light and powerfully small package so you can take it to the gym, on the road, and everywhere in between. Get the muscle relief you need so you can keep going. And then go again.

At only 1.5 pounds, the Hypervolt Go still boasts 2.5+ hours of battery life per charge, three massage speeds, and comes with two adjustable attachments - it's truly fit for your next adventure or athletic endeavor. 

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Interested In A Book Club for Endurance Athletes?


The DC Tri Club invites YOU to join them for a January virtual book club!


For a change of pace, the DC Tri Club will be reading a fast-paced, contemporary mystery set in a fictional Tour de France. In this intrigue-filled novel, racers are starting to drop out after a number of “accidents”: food poisoning, a crash caused by two spectators, a suspicious suicide, and an exploded trailer. The French police start investigating potential culprits, including cyclists who want to win at any cost. Following the plot twists in this life-or-death cycling race will keep you in suspense, guessing “who done it” page after page.


This virtual book club is open to all and there’s no requirement to have finished reading the book! We welcome athletes who want to combine the book discussion with a trainer or treadmill workout.

We will be meeting virtually with Zoom. RSVP to receive details which will be sent about a week before the meeting.

Get all the details HERE and sign up for this great winter opportunity to connect with athletes and read a page-turner of a book!

Team MPI Performance Coaching


Conquer big goals in 2022 with our Performance Coaching Packages!

Do you have big goals or dreams for 2022? Have you been doing the "same thing" with your training for a while and want a new, fresh approach? Are you wanting to go farther or accomplish more than you've ever done before? Whatever that means for you, we've got the perfect coaching package for you!

Our Performance Coaching is a full-service option. We will help you select a coach with the perfect experience and expertise to help you set and accomplish goals that get you excited!

Whether you're thinking of tackling your first swim-run, getting an IRONMAN triathlon PR, or crushing a gravel cycling event, our coaching staff have the right certification and expertise to help you thrive and balance your athletic goals with life demands.

Click here to get all the details about Performance Coaching and schedule a FREE coach consultation today!

Celebrating the 12 days of Christmas?
Here's a perfect gift!


Looking for a New Year's gift or present for another occasion?


You can't go wrong with a gift card! Choose an amount and write a personalized message to make this gift your own. Then, choose how you'd like to deliver the gift (in person, email, etc.) and when!

Whether you'd like to gift a bike fit, a one-on-one swim session, or months of coaching, the options really are endless with a Team MPI gift certificate. It's truly the perfect gift for all occasions!

Head over to the Team MPI website to learn more and purchase a gift certificate for your favorite athlete!

Team MPI Thursday Virtual Bike Workout


Coach Becky will be taking a break from the virtual bike workout sessions.

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