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February 25, 2020

Knowing and communicating our what and why of training puts Coach and Athlete on the same page. Here's why that matters for a tailored and structured approach.

The recent cancellation of the amateur divisions of the 2020 Tokyo Marathon prompted this look at the impacts of a race cancellation on the athlete. 

Racing Calendar


Syracuse Freeze Out 5K To End Homelessness

February 21, Syracuse, NY
Meg Mariano

Disney Princess 10k & 1/2 Marathon

February 22-23, Orlando, FL
Chad Chupek

Lake Effect Half Marathon

February 23, Syracuse, NY

Jean Carnese - PR!


Castlewood Cup 15K
February 29, Ballwin, MO

David Garthe

Little Rock Marathon

February 29, Little Rock, AR

Jason Tindle

Seaside Half Marathon

March 1,  Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Jeanne Boyle

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series

March 1, Catalina, CA

Ben Collins

Jean Carnese made a last-minute decision to run the Lake Effect Half Marathon, and despite no taper, and a bike workout the day before, she PRed by nearly 5 minutes! Jean trains with Coach Laura Henry. 


The Team MPI Lake Longhorn Open Water Swim Clinic

February 22, League City, TX

Led by: Senior Coach Mark Turner


Athletes came together to learn/refine essential open water techniques including: OW training and racing, swim entry and exit, sighting, drafting, race tactics, how to calm nerves and conserve energy, how to swim efficiently in OW, how to adjust tactics for ocean, lake, and river swims.

Participants also learned best practices for putting on and wearing a wetsuit properly. Athletes had the opportunity to try wetsuits from partner blueseventy

From clinic participant Andrea J:

"It was such a great clinic. You are not only a wealth of information and inspiration, you are so generous with your wisdom and experience. Can’t thank you enough.


My favorite thing was when you would tell us…People often ________(fill-in the blank with some rookie mistake), but we’re not going to do that, WE have a plan. WE are going to do this…and then you would lay it all out. After hearing that a few times, I started to believe you, Hey, we DO have a plan, we DON’T need to ______(fill in the blank with the rookie mistake). Also, you confidence in the water. It was infectious. You love open water and it seemed your native environment and without a word, you transmitted that to us. It was fantastic.


If only I lived in your region, i’d sign up for everything you offer! You and your wife make quite a team, and the people you coach should feel super blessed." 

Athlete Spotlight

Anna May Lawrence

training with Coach Maria Netherland

I'm from Buffalo, NY and I currently live in Pensacola, FL. I'm a 2ndLt in the Marine Corps going through flight training in Pensacola. I graduated from the United States Naval Academy and commissioned into the Marines in May of 2019. I got into triathlon and ultra running at USNA, where I was a part of the Endurance Team. With that team I raced all distances of triathlon and completed several ultramarathons. I  have a huge passion for triathlon and ultrarunning because I love challenging myself and pushing my mental endurance. This year I'll be racing in my second Ironman race, Ironman Florida, where I hope to compete for a spot to Kona. I'm also running a 50 miler in April, but my ultimate goal this year is (as always) to enjoy training and racing, and to find the good in every day! I came to know Team MPI and Coach Maria through USA Triathlon. After finding out that the team had a large number of veterans I knew I had found a home! I'm extremely excited for my upcoming year of training and racing, and seeing Coach Maria's reaction when Navy beats Army again this December!

🤔 Post-Workout Comment of the Week 🏊‍♂️

"Tarzan beating on his chest yell followed by my best Ric Flair WHOOOOO!!!! Looks that workout dead in the eye and screams I OWNED YOU !!!!

My legs are shredded - I left everything I had on the last sweet spot. Big round of applause to the artists who painted this workout !!!!! I feel ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!

Drank one full water bottle."  ~ athlete of Coach Laura Henry

Team MPI athlete post-workout comments are an important part of athlete-coach communication. They are often quite revealing and humorous in the aftermath of a workout gone well or awry! 

Upcoming Events

March 28-29, 2020 - Team MPI Triathlon Skills Clinic (Galveston, TX)


May 30-31, 2020 - MTB Skills Clinic (Boise, ID)


June 20, 2020 - Open Water Swim Clinic (Boise, ID)


Looking for sponsored events? See listing of Invitation Only camps.

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