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March 3, 2020

When new folks come into the sport, one can't assume what they do or don't know about "down south." One bit of advice can save a lot of agony.

What does your pre-training and pre-race self-talk sound like? What words are you hearing from friends around you? It matters! 

Racing Calendar


Castlewood Cup 15K
February 29, Ballwin, MO

David Garthe

Little Rock Marathon

February 29, Little Rock, AR

Jason Tindle

Seaside Half Marathon

March 1,  Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Jeanne Boyle

ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Series

March 1, Catalina, CA

Ben Collins


Tipperary Hill Shamrock Run

March 7, Syracuse, NY

Jean Carnese

Lisa Crockford

Meg Mariano

Beth Tucker


Snickers Half Marathon

March 7, Albany, GA
Kierstyn Hibner

Jeanne Boyle celebrating her finish at the Seaside Half Marathon in Santa Rosa Beach with her children. Jeanne trains with Coach Mark Sortino. 

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🤔 Post-Workout Comment of the Week 🏊‍♂️

"Feel better after than before I started! This is why I love this $hit!"

 ~ athlete of Coach Laura Henry

Team MPI athlete post-workout comments are an important part of athlete-coach communication. They are often quite revealing and humorous in the aftermath of a workout gone well or awry! 

Upcoming Events

March 28-29, 2020 - Team MPI Triathlon Skills Clinic (Galveston, TX)


May 30-31, 2020 - MTB Skills Clinic (Boise, ID)


June 20, 2020 - Open Water Swim Clinic (Boise, ID)


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