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August 11, 2020


What does this mean?  If an athlete chooses to pursue a goal, then they will have to sacrifice something in pursuit of that goal.  A goal is - by definition - something that is unattainable at the time that the goal is set but could be attainable after some work. 


Therefore, if an athlete wants to achieve a result that they are not currently capable of achieving with their current abilities and resources, they will need to re-allocate those resources and modify their abilities in order to attain it.


Learn more about how to say yes and no in a healthy way over at our blog!


Dietary supplements are used for many purposes, from weight loss to performance enhancement.


It’s common for companies to label their products as “natural”, leading to the misconception that it is safe for most people to consume. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case.

When athletes use supplements, they can suffer a wide range of side-effects, health problems, or test positive for banned substances at competitions (resulting in sanctions).

Learn some ways to choose safer supplement options.

Coach Maria's Monday Minute

This week on Maria's Monday Minute: "Ten Years Later..."


Welcome to Coach Maria’s Monday Minute! It’s more than a minute’s read this week but worth the time. It’s a flashback for me - an accounting of what happened (starting at IRONMAN 70.3 Boulder) and a reminder that I’m better off now than before.

Keep reading over at the Team MPI blog!

Coach Laura's Coach Tip Tuesday


This week on Coach Tip Tuesday:

"You Don't Have To Do A Lot Of Stuff"


As both summer (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere) and the pandemic stretch on, I want to offer you this tip for successfully reaching goals (even in times like those we currently exist in):

You don’t have to do a lot of stuff. You DO have to do the RIGHT stuff a lot of times.

Complexity sounds sexy and it tends to sell, but the reality is that repeating foundational things - and doing those things WELL - is what leads to success over the long haul.

Keep reading these wise words over at the Team MPI blog!

Team MPI Racing Calendar

Race Results


August 7-9, 2020

Mark Turner

Lee Turner

Mountain Revenge MTB 2-Day Race

August 8-9, 2020

Montezuma, CO

Jeff Wallace

Shoreline Half Marathon

August 8, 2020

Hamlin, NY

Zach DeLany

ExtremeMan Nagyatad Hungarian Championship

August 8, 2020

Viktoria Brown

Upcoming Races


August 14-16, 2020

There are both sprint and Olympic-distance options for this virtual race.

Register free online!

Buster Britton Triathlon

Pelham AL

August 15, 2020

Taylor Davis

REV3 Williamsburg Virtual Event

August 16-26, 2020

Choose from a variety of distances and race wherever you are. There's even a kids' race! And, plot twist: there's an optional "fun photo contest," too!

Register online!

Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what virtual races or events you're going to do so we can cheer you on!

Zach DeLany crushed the Shoreline Half Marathon while supporting the RWB cause!

Viktoria Brown is the Hungarian women's champion after winning the ExtremeMan Nagyatad Hungarian Championship!

Coach David and several Team MPI athletes worked hard and learned a lot at a training camp in Oklahoma over the weekend.

Jeff Wallace had an excellent race at the Mountain Revenge 2-Day MTB race!

Team MPI Partner Spotlight: ithlete Pro

ithlete Pro rolls out some new features!

ithlete Pro is the leading, scientifically founded app from the experts in convenient fatigue and recovery measurement using Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Our coaches use ithlete Pro to help our athletes get the most out of every workout and track progress. 

ithlete has always led the way in mobile HRV measurement. Plus, their "artificial intelligence tool" called "Simon Says" provides comprehensive feedback on your recovery and readiness for the next workout.

Simon Says will help you identify how well recovered you are and what you can do to optimize your next training session. You'll get smarter, more effective training with every session!

With ithlete Pro's new v4, you'll be able to interact with your data even more easily! You'll be able to scroll between four different charts to see your timeline, training guide, recovery indicators, and wellness metrics.

Our Team MPI coaches are proud to partner with ithlete Pro to help our athletes get the most out of every workout and reach their goals. Head over to the ithlete website to learn more about the benefits of training with heart rate variability!

Team MPI Wednesday Virtual Brick Workouts

Coach Kelly is hosting weekly virtual brick workouts! Whether you're a Team MPI athlete or not, you're welcome to join the fun.

While the workouts will be on Zwift, having Zwift and a smart trainer are not required to participate in these fun, challenging bike workouts. All you REALLY need is a free Zoom account and a bike trainer.

WHEN: Wednesday, August 12 from 6:15 to 7:30 pm EDT

WHERE: Online! Zoom + optional Zwift

WHO: All are welcome!

Here's how to join the fun!

1. Contact Coach Kelly to get the Zoom link.

2. Follow Coach Kelly Ryan on the Zwift companion app and send her a message so you can get an invitation to the event. Coach Kelly will send specific details and instructions about how to get the most out of your virtual workout experience.

3. Join the Zoom call first, then start riding on Zwift (but don't be late... unfortunately, Zwift doesn't allow stragglers!).

Team MPI Thursday Virtual Bike Workouts

Don't use Zwift? Don't worry! ​Coach Becky is launching a series of Thursday virtual bike workouts just for you!

When: Thursday, August 13, 2020

Time: Zoom starts at 4 pm MDT

There's no need to have a Zwift account for these sweat fest sessions, Coach Becky will be leading some RPE workout sessions (rate of perceived exertion). That means anyone can join!


Want in on the excitement? Just send Coach Becky an email so she can send you the link to join on Zoom!

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