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September 15, 2020


Since I started riding in earnest back in 2002, I had not ridden more than 10 minutes on a pair of flat pedals. When I bought my first real bike, I got a pair of shoes and pedals.

Being a Roadie turned Triathlete, I thought that flat pedals were for children and hipsters. While I still believe this to be true, I have given the flat pedal a try because of my friend, James's argument on their behalf.

Keep reading to see how Coach Adam's experiment pans out!


With everything going on and all that we are being called upon to do, it’s reasonable that we would feel overwhelmed by all of the changes. And when we do feel overwhelmed, we often let the “easy” things fall by the wayside.


Many athletes have fallen into what I can best describe as “randomness.” They feel unmotivated, do not prioritize physical activity, and then experience high levels of frustration about their lack of progress (or sometimes their regression ).

Keep reading to learn ways to fight the "randomness"!

Coach Maria's Monday Minute

This week on Maria's Monday Minute: Single Leg Cycling Drills

Why should I practice the single-leg cycling drill? I asked the same question a few years ago when I walked into an indoor cycling lab in Colorado.


My bike was put on a Computrainer and I started riding. I was surprised that my right leg was generating a lot more power than my left leg, but given that I’m right-side dominant, maybe that wasn’t so strange. As it turns out, most cyclist’s dominant leg generates about 10 watts more than their non-dominant leg.

Head over to the blog for more details and a sample single leg drill session!

Coach Laura's Coach Tip Tuesday


This week on Coach Tip Tuesday: You were not built in a day!


The reality is that, as humans, we are perfectly imperfect. We are all flawed, and we are all constantly growing, evolving, and changing. Not to sound entirely morbid, but the only time we aren’t growing, evolving, and changing is when we are dead. As such, there are always going to be things that we can work on internally within ourselves, no matter what our life situation is.


This all leads me to this week’s tip: If there are things that you think you could benefit from working on or dedicating some attention to, set a goal to work on one thing at a time. You’ve heard the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Well, my friends, neither were you.

Keep reading this timely tip over at hte Team MPI blog!

Team MPI Racing Calendar

Race Results


September 11-13

This is part of the IRONMAN Kona series.

Lee Turner

Coach Mark Turner

Littlefoot Triathlon

(Changed to a Run-Bike-Run due to a toxic algae bloom)

Lakewood, CO

Saturday, September 12, 2020

Jennifer Peace

Congrats to Jennifer for her 3rd place AG finish! (F55-59 category)

Old Forge 10K

Old Forge, NY

September 12, 2020

Beth Tucker

AIDS Ride for Life (100-Miler)

Finger Lakes Region, New York

September 12, 2020

Sarah Gerk

Congrats on completing your longest ride ever, Sarah!

Harrisburg Half Marathon

Harrisburg, PA

September 13, 2020

Scott Heintzelman

Congrats on your PR at this race, Scott!

Smoke n' Fire Challenge

Boisi, Idaho

September 9-13, 2020

Mike Baughman

(See the photo below for stats about this impressive MTB feat of endurance!)

Great North Run Reimagined

Bristol, United Kingdom

June 28, 2020 - September 13, 2020

Rachel Andrew

The Great North Run Reimagined required that Rachel complete 40 individual runs, one for each year that the Great North Run has been in existence, between June 28 and September 13 (with the final run being on September 13 - the day that the Great North Run would have taken place if it were allowed to happen this year).

Upcoming Races


September 18-20

This is the "strength" block of the VR Kona series with a unique race layout. Learn more and register online!

Register free online!

Sunapee Olympic Triathlon

Newburry, NH

Saturday, Sept. 19

Samantha Forman

Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what virtual races or events you're going to do so we can cheer you on!

Team MPI athlete, USMC 2nd LT Anna Lawrence earned her flight suit on Friday, September 11.

Congratulations LT Lawrence and thank you for your service!

Scott Heintzelman nabbed a great PR at the Harrisonburg Half Marathon!

Mike Baughman (left) completed the

Smoke ’N Fire challenge in Idaho with two other friends. 436 miles and 40,214 feet of climbing in 3 nights and 4 days of MTB riding!

Sarah Gerk celebrates completing her longest ride to date at the AIDS Ride for Life 100-miler!

Team MPI Athlete Feats of Endurance

Viktoria Brown: Hungarian National Champion!

You know what would be a LOT of fun? To do that 140.6 in Hungary." This is what I said to my coach, Allen Stanfield, after seeing the finish line of a 70.3 race in June that was not canceled. He didn't reply. He must have been thinking I was nuts – the race was less than six weeks out.


Once I established that it is feasible, there are flights from Canada, where I live, to Hungary where the race is. Once I confirmed that we would be allowed to enter the country (and return home), I sent Coach Allen a second email, saying I was serious. A 5-week IM crash course. He said, "ok, let's do it!".


That's how I got to the start line of the Hungarian Long Course Triathlon National Championships after my whole season had been wiped out by COVID. We had no idea what I could bike or run since all the test races had been canceled, and I haven't had a flat race in 3 years.

Keep reading about the rest of Viktoria's amazing journey to the finish line over at the Team MPI blog!

Partner Spotlight: NormaTec

We're thankful to partner with NormaTec for some of the best recovery tools on the market!

Recovery is your edge to achieve more. Maximize your training and find your new PR with NormaTec’s patented technology. The PULSE 2.0 Series works as both a high-tech warm-up and a dynamic way to recover faster post-workout.

Created by a physician bioengineer (MD, PhD) to enhance blood flow and speed recovery, the NormaTec PULSE Massage Pattern employs three key techniques—pulsing, distal release, and gradients—all to maximize your recovery.

What does that mean in "normal people" language? It means you'll recover faster so you can train and race more efficiently and at a higher level! Plus, the NormaTec recovery boots just feel great and can help reduce delayed onset muscle soreness.

Head over to the NormaTec website to learn more about their products and benefits. Team MPI coached athletes, ask your coach about any team discounts!

Team MPI Featured Service

Endurance Sports Coaching


Team MPI is comprised of certified, professional coaches from around the United States with decades of racing and training experience and a performance philosophy based on FREQUENCY, CONSISTENCY, and SELF AWARENESS.


With Team MPI's Coaching Programs, athletes can expect superior personalized plans and one-on-one instruction. From years of experience, knowledge, and a true passion for sport, Team MPI coaches can help you achieve new goals that you have never dreamed possible. We coach the athlete, not the sport.


Although born from Triathlon, Team MPI coaches athletes in almost every Endurance Sport. From Leadville 100 MTB and World Marathon Challenge to 10K Open Water Swims and Nordic Skiing, Team MPI has a Coach for you. We just LOVE this stuff!

So, no matter what endurance goals you've got your eye on, Team MPI has an experienced coach that will help you get there!


Contact us today to learn more! Interview as many coaches as you'd like, to find the perfect match. Not sure where to start? We'll walk you through the process and give you all the tools you need to choose the best coach and plan that fits your goals and needs.

Team MPI Wednesday Virtual Brick Workouts

Coach Kelly is hosting weekly virtual brick workouts! Whether you're a Team MPI athlete or not, you're welcome to join the fun.

While the workouts will be on Zwift, having Zwift and a smart trainer are not required to participate in these fun, challenging bike workouts. All you REALLY need is a free Zoom account and a bike trainer.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 16 from 6:15 to 7:30 pm EDT

WHERE: Online! Zoom + optional Zwift

WHO: All are welcome!

Here's how to join the fun!

1. Contact Coach Kelly to get the Zoom link.

2. Follow Coach Kelly Ryan on the Zwift companion app and send her a message so you can get an invitation to the event. Coach Kelly will send specific details and instructions about how to get the most out of your virtual workout experience.

3. Join the Zoom call first, then start riding on Zwift (but don't be late... unfortunately, Zwift doesn't allow stragglers!).

Team MPI Thursday Virtual Bike Workouts

Don't use Zwift? Don't worry! ​Coach Becky is launching a series of Thursday virtual bike workouts just for you!

When: Thursday, September 17, 2020

Time: Zoom starts at 4 pm MDT

There's no need to have a Zwift account for these sweat fest sessions, Coach Becky will be leading some RPE workout sessions (rate of perceived exertion). That means anyone can join!


Want in on the excitement? Just send Coach Becky an email so she can send you the link to join on Zoom!

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