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As we head into the off-season and reflect on this year's performance, it is crucial to think, 'what can I do or add next season to be better?' Coach Sydney's one response to this question without knowing anything about a person's training or results is, "have you heard of WHOOP?" Check out this blog to learn why WHOOP can be a powerful tool for endurance athletes! (Note: this is not a sponsored blog)

Across the Finish Line

November 24, 2022

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Eric McElvenny
Carson Clough
Ericka Hachmeister (Guide for Deb)
Emma Meyers

Headed to the Start Line

Team MPI News

Hyperice Venom Go

The power of heat and vibration for activation or recovery--portable to go anywhere!

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Venom Go offers heat and vibration spot treatment to loosen and relax muscles stress and tension. It's small, portable, and convenient to use anywhere. 

The Venom Go offers three levels of soothing HyperHeat™ technology and three therapeutic vibration patterns combine to relieve sore, stiff muscles and promote everyday wellness. Featuring easy to use button controls, Bluetooth®  connectivity to the Hyperice App to connect multiple devices at once,  and TSA approval for carry-on so you can take it on all your upcoming adventures.

The Venom Go pod connects magnetically to the Venom Go pad to create an innovative technology, providing versatile and powerful treatment wherever your body needs it most. The Venom Go comes  with 3 pads that are reusable up to 20 times each.

Head over to the Hyperice website to learn more and order your Venom Go today! Team MPI athletes, ask your coach about team discounts.

Team MPI: Coach Talks

Coach Talks are valuable for both athletes and coaches

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Knowledge is power and collaboration is empowering. Coach Talk sessions are 45 min "round-table" conversations with coaches from Axes Performance, Team MPI, and No Limits Endurance coaches. Each session dives into a specific topic that is relevant to endurance athletes and coaches. 

We all know that everyone has an opinion about WHY they do (or don't do) something. Coach Talk is an opportunity to hear coaches talk about the WHAT and the WHY behind many essential topics. Athletes can learn more about why their coaches do things a certain way and coaches can explore new methods or coaching philosophies. 

There's definitely something for everyone! Head over to the Coach Talk page to download past talks or listen to the most recent session. 

Upcoming topics include: 

  • December 6: What challenges did you face in 2022 that were new, unique, unexpected, etc.?

  • January 18: Start the year off right: Athlete retention - what are strategies?

Team MPI Tuesday Tip: Decision Fatigue

Decision fatigue is an endurance athlete's surprising enemy

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Learn More

Decision fatigue is a surprising enemy of many endurance athletes and lead to a lack of motivation to train. It stems from the reality that making a lot of decisions throughout the day (no matter how simple they are), weakens your willpower and energy. The more decisions you have to make throughout the day, the more at risk you are of making poor decisions. 

So, if you're making a lot of decisions for your family and at work, when it comes to your workout, decision fatigue might lead to you to skip a workout or make the wrong type of adjustments. 

Reducing the effects of decision fatigue takes some strategy, but it is possible. Structure your life to reduce the number of decisions you need to make each day. 

  • Plan and make decisions ahead: Whether it's planning your meals in advance or keeping a predictable routine, there are ways to reduce your daily decision count and create healthy structure.

  • Make commitments: Schedule your workouts in your calendar. Set notifications and make things as easy as possible to follow through. Set your workout clothes the night before, prepare nutrition in advance, and do everything you can to set yourself up for success. 

The more you can do in advance, the easier your day will be. Over time, this reduces your risk of decision fatigue and keeps you more energized overall. 

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