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Change ONE Thing

Coach Maria has some great advice about setting goals for 2023 -- Change one thing. ONE. Make it small and make it doable. Choose the low-hanging fruit. Then do that thing, whatever it is, and do it darn well! Check out this blog to learn about how to do this and why it's a good strategy.

Change ONE Thing
Across the Finish Line
Headed to the Start Line

Team MPI News

Team MPI Partner Spotlight: Rudy Project Spincut Snow Goggles

Off-season winter sports just got awesomer!

GoFierce Aero 1 piece.png

We know Rudy Project for their high-quality sports glasses and helmets. Now you can enjoy the Rudy Project excellence in winter sports, too! 

Spincut is the snow goggle designed to meet all prescription wearers  demands. The Spincut Over the Glass (OTG) geometry blends maximum  functionality with style and superior eye protection thanks to its  panoramic wraparound cylindrical lens.

Keep your eyes safe without compromising comfort as you head out for your next skiing, snowboarding, or other winter adventures. 

Team MPI Gear: Custom Coaching Plans

Get a custom training plan to conquer your 2023 goals!

GoFierce Aero 1 piece.png

Whether you're planning to conquer your first mountain biking race or cross the finish line of your first triathlon, we're excited to help you train for your 2023 endurance goals! 

Not ready to commit to a full-time coach but want more than a pre-written, canned training plan? How about a plan written specifically for you with your schedule in mind?

The Team MPI Customized Stand-Alone training plan is ideal for athletes who prefer to work independently but want a high-quality, personalized coaching plan. No matter what race or event you're preparing for, our Team MPI coaches are trained experts and will create a detailed training plan with your current fitness levels, schedule, and goals in mind.

Team MPI Tuesday: GUEST BLOG!

Check out this refreshing guest blog from Team MPI athlete, Noel Meltzer

GoFierce Aero 1 piece.png

Team MPI athlete, Noel Meltzer shared honestly about his recent experience at IRONMAN Arizona and what he's learning from his "First Attempt At Learning." You won't want to miss this!

2019 Collection.png

Team MPI Epix Gear

Order Team MPI custom apparel ANY time and receive it in 5-6 weeks.

No minimums or deadlines. Incredible comfort and high performance!

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