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Recovery: Let’s Get Real

Recovery is a critical part of training and racing for any endurance athlete. You can spend any amount of money for fancy recovery tools and tactics, but the foundation and core elements of recovery for any endurance athlete is surprisingly simple! Check out this blog to learn about the recovery pyramid and what's most important to your recovery plan.

Recovery: Let’s Get Real
Across the Finish Line

May 20-22, 2022

Grand Junction, CO

Triston Arisawa

May 21, 2022

Mt Gretna, PA

Rodger Krause

May 21, 2022

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Robert Martinez
Coach Maria (coaching)

Heading To the Start Line

May 28, 2022

Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Viktoria Brown

Team MPI News

Blueseventy Buddy Bag

Swim safely this summer with the Buddy Bag

Never swim alone with the blueseventy Buddy Bag. The Buddy Bag improves your visibility when swimming in open water, keeping you safe from boat traffic and easy to see from shore.

Plus, the Buddy Bag allows you to stash your keys, phone, and other small essentials to keep them with you while you're out swimming (rather than leaving them unattended). The entire inside of hte Buddy Bag is open so you can store those essentials. Simply close the dry bag seal, then use the valve to fully inflate and  go! 

This Buddy Bag is super easy to use! Just blow it up and buckle the strap around your waist and you're ready to swim! It's the must-have accessory for any open-water swimmer. 

The Buddy Bag Plus adds additional visibility with an LED light. Perfect for those early morning and evening swims. The LED offers multiple brightnesses and both a solid on and flashing modes.

Team MPI athletes: ask your coach about available Blueseventy team discount options!

Team MPI GoFierce Aero Pro Edition Short Sleeve 1 Piece

All the things you like about a 1 piece without any of the drawbacks.

The GoFierce Aero Short sleeve one-piece suit is tailored for the most demanding athlete in the most extreme conditions. It's designed to give you all the great things about a 1-piece tri suit without any of the drawbacks. 

The 2-in-1 construction utilizes more wicking materials on the  torso, creating a dramatically more breathable suit than ever before!  Longer sleeve lengths with laser cut gripper cuffs and a longer  inseam short, redesigned leg gripper construction and a wider thigh  pocket provides more support and leg coverage. 

The 2-in-1 construction  reinvents the 1 piece experience – allowing easy entry/removal because  the top completely unzips in the front allowing for quick bathroom breaks and no  more jumping/contorting to fit into your suit.

Team MPI Tip Tuesday: Wetsuit Fit 101 from Blueseventy

Wetsuit fitting tips from the Blueseventy experts!

The correct fitting of your wetsuit can make all the difference in your performance and comfort while swimming. The experts over at Blueseventy have helped thousands of athletes find the perfectly-fitting wetsuit, so we're sharing their wisdom and tips! 

This video has some stellar tips on how to put on a wetsuit properly (we know it can feel like a workout before your actual swim workout, but these tips will help)! But here are some insights from the Blueseventy team:

Leave yourself plenty of time: the first few times you put on your wetsuit, don't be surprised if it takes as long as 10 minutes! It's quite a process that takes some practice and experimenting. 

Start by unzipping the wetsuit and fold it inside out down to the hips. This makes getting into it much easier. Remember, the zipper goes in the back for triathlon wetsuits (that might be different for swim-run wetsuits).  

Start  with your legs and work the suit over your foot and ankle by pulling up  at the base of the leg. Do not simply tug at the suit from the hips,  this is an easy way to tear a hole through the heel of your wetsuit. Get  the first leg up to the knee before sliding in the second leg.

Using the pads of your fingers (always avoid using the ends of your  fingers as it is extremely easy to nick your wetsuit, even if you have  very short fingernails) grasp a wrinkle of neoprene and pull it up your  leg, then fold it down. Move up the leg and repeat. 

By folding the  neoprene down over your leg you will find it slides up easily. If that  fold goes up, the neoprene tends to lock on itself and get stuck causing  you to pull harder which can inadvertently create nicks or damage to  the suit.

The bottom of the wetsuit usually sits at the base of  your calf. If you are a little taller, you may find it ends around  mid-calf. The suit is not designed to end down at your ankle.

Continue adjusting the legs up until the wetsuit sits snugly in your  crotch and there is no excess neoprene "rolls" on your legs. From then  you can grasp the inside of the suit and pull it up over your hips to  your chest.

Now you can slide in your first arm. Using the same method as we  described for your legs, pull your first arm through the wetsuit  and position the wrist cuff just above your wrist bones. If you are  wearing a watch, have the suit end just above your watch. Rolling and  folding, adjust the neoprene on first arm up completely through the  shoulders before inserting your second arm. Slide in your second arm and  repeat the process.

Once both arms are in and adjusted, you can make final adjustments to  work the suit up through your core by bending at the waist and working  the material up towards your neck. Check your legs and crotch to ensure  the suit is snug and well adjusted; you do not want any gap between your  crotch and the wetsuit. Finally check your arms and make small  adjustments to move the neoprene up into the shoulders which will  relieve any possible tightness or tension.

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