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Traveling for a Race? Do Your Homework

We invest countless hours of training to prepare for races. When we travel for races, there are a few other factors to consider that can set us up for the greatest success. Coach Aaron has a wealth of experience racing all over the world and he offers insights about some things to prepare for ahead of your next race in a new location.

Traveling for a Race? Do Your Homework
Across the Finish Line

August 6-7, 2022

Milwaukee, WI

Mindy Carson
Noel Meltzer

Augst 6, 2022

Boulder, CO

Jesse Nolen
Coach Adam Sczech

August 2-7, 2022

Swansea, UK

Coach Mark Sortino--Coaching Team USA
Eric McElvenny (Bronze)
Carson Clough

August 7, 2022

Nockamixon State Park, PA

Jesse Still (Relay - doing Swim/Run)

Heading to the Start Line

August 14-19, 2022

Breckenridge, CO

Coach Mark Sortino
Coach Gregg (Mini-Breck: Days 4-6)

August 13, 2022

Leadville, CO

Coach Gregg
Don Reiman
Suzie Lister

Team MPI News

RudyProject Crossway Helmet

Take advantage of the 40% off overstock sale on the Crossway helmet!

GoFierce Aero 1 piece.png

The Crossway helmet is the MTB lid designed for bikers looking for a cool, safe  and great-fitting helmet which combines performance and excellent value--especially since it's on sale right now!

The compact in-mold construction with extended coverage on the back ensures maximum protection and lightness. 23 vents with wider central air intakes provide superior ventilation. Crossway delivers the  best standard of comfort, featuring the frontal air frame band padding  to enhance sweat evaporation, the RSR10S retention system and a fully integrated visor.

Key Features:

- Fully Integrated Visor
- 23 Airflow Vents
- Wide Central Air Intakes
- Removable Bug Stop Netting
- RSR10S Retention System

Team MPI GoFierce Aero Tri Jersey

There are many benefits to this Aero Tri Jersey--from speed to pockets!

GoFierce Aero 1 piece.png

GoFierce Aero applies all the features of GoFierce with the aero and cooling  benefits of a fitted sleeve construction. One-piece short sleeve suits  like the GoFierce Aero suits are top pics for very speedy athletes. Unless you are posting blistering fast times at your next Half or Full,  the benefits of this tri top, paired with our tri shorts become apparent. 

This full-zip tri top allows you to put it on underneath your wetsuit or in T1  for non-wetsuit swims. A separate top means you can stuff ice or soaked  sponges and get them out easily. And lets not forget the convenience of easier bathrooms breaks. All the benefits of our GoFierce Aero 1-piece  with practical convenience. Oh, and did we mention in the 2-piece kit you get a whopping 6 total pockets when paired with GoFierce tri shorts?

Key features:

  • Advanced fabrics maximize comfort and durability

  • Full-print sublimation design- will never crack, peel, or fade

  • 4-way stretch for excellent comfort & fit

  • Full-length hidden zipper

  • Flat-lock stitching reduces risks for chafing

  • Grip Tape laser cut gripper on the back to keep the top in place while riding and running


  • 1 large rear zipper pocket

  • 2 hidden side panel zipper pockets for security and maximum aerodynamics


  • NOTE: This product uses unisex sizing! Refer to the sizing guide.

Team MPI Tuesday Tip: Running Hats

Do running hats really keep you cooler?

GoFierce Aero 1 piece.png
Learn More

Running hats--do they really help you stay cool when running in hot and humid conditions? Some people wear running hats religiously, while others seem to prefer skipping hot-weather headwear. But what does the research tell us? Do hats really help us regulate our temperature when running in the heat?

Yes, running hats can keep you cooler

Running hats draw perspiration away from your head. That evaporating sweat has a cooling effect. Choose a running hat that is made with lightweight fabric that allows pleanty of airflow. 

Running hats are great for runners with longer hair

Runners with longer hair know the value of keeping hair out of the face and away from the neck and shoulders. Surprisingly, hair can lock in heat around your shoulders and neck. Pulling your hair up and away (like with a running hat with a ponytail hole), helps keep you cooler and improves airflow around your face. 

Running hats offer protection from the elements

Protecting your face and scalp from the sun and keeping the sun and rain out of your eyes makes running more comfortable and enjoyable. It also offers protection against the sun's harmful rays. Running hats can also protect you from wind and dust in less-than-ideal conditions (and when conditions change suddenly). 

Psychological benefits of how you think you look

Sports psychologists have repeatedly shown that how you think you look plays a huge role in overall performance. The saying, "feel fast, look fast, go fast" actually has some truth to it! "Enclothed cognition" means what we wear and how we perceive that we look matters. Looking and feeling good boosts your confidence, which can improve your performance. 

Overall, wearing a running hat can protect you from the elements and harmful UV rays, keep you comfortable, and even boost your confidence. What's not to love!?

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