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9th Annual Open Water Swim Clinic!

0730-0900: Intermediate & Advanced Swimmers 

0930-1100: Beginner Swimmers

Open Water Swim Clinic

June 15, 2024
Boise, Idaho
New to swimming or to Open Water swimming? Maybe you have some anxiety in the Open Water? Want to try a blueseventy wetsuit for free? How about learning all you need to know for Open Water Swimming in a safe and monitored environment? 

Then this clinic is for YOU!

This is our 9th year providing this FREE Clinic, and we're super excited to continue this great tradition in our community.

0730 - 0900 Intermediate and Advanced Swimmers
0930-1100: Beginner Swimmers

Not sure which group? Here's  what we recommend:
Join the Beginner Swimmers at 0930 if:

- You're new to swimming, but you can swim
- You don't have any or hardly any experience in open water
- You have a lot of anxiety with open water swimming

All other swimmers can register for the Intermediate and Advanced session at 0730-0900. If in doubt, feel free to email Coach Mark and ask him.

This is a GREAT camp for you if you want to:
  • Learn how to swim and navigate correctly in Open Water
  • Get the latest in swim training and techniques for Open Water swimming
  • Overcome your fear of Open Water in a safe and supervised environment
  • Sharpen your Open Water skills in prep for upcoming Triathlons or Swims
  • Practice water entry/exit, sighting, navigation & putting on wetsuit correctly
  • Try out incredible wetsuits by blueseventy for FREE
  • Meet local athletes who share the same passion as you
Athlete Level for Clinic
New Athlete
Active Athlete
Serious Athlete
Training Area: Boise Idaho
Location: Quinn's Pond
Water Temp: 70°s 
Clinic Includes
Not Included
Expert Coaching on OW
30min Dry-land presentation
Wetsuit Demos on site
Team MPI Swag
Lifeguard present
SUP Safety Support
Swim gear (suit & goggles)
Camp Specifics
30min Dry-land talk
Equipment demo/discuss
Group broken into abilities
Opportunity to swim course 
1 v 1 with Coach

Meet YOUR Coach

Mark Sortno
Mark Sortino



Multiple 5K Open Water races, 3 x Ironman Kona finisher, XTERRA World Championships, 16 Ironmans




"Come join us for our 9th annual OW Swim Clinic - can't wait to see you all!"

Clinic Schedule

Clinic Schedule

Intermediate & Advanced Group
7:00am   Wetsuit try-on by blueseventy at Quinn's Pond
7:30am   Open Water presentation for entire group
~8:00am In-Water Skills Session
~8:45am Optional "Swim the Course"
9:00am    Clinic Ends 
Beginner Group
9:00am     Wetsuit try-on by blueseventy at Quinn's Pond
9:30am     Open Water presentation for entire group
~10:00am In-Water Skills Session
11:00am   Clinic Ends 

Swim Topics to be Covered

  • Open water training

  • Open water racing

  • Proper water entry

  • Proper water exit

  • How to sight correctly

  • How to draft correctly

  • Race tactics

  • How to put on and wear a wetsuit properly

  • How to calm nerves and conserve energy

  • How to Open Water swim efficiently

  • How to alter tactics for Ocean, Lake, River swims

    Additional Topics for Intermediate/Advanced

  • How to swim STRATEGICALLY 

  • Drafting to your advantage

  • Starting Strong

  • Sighting and Stroke Rate adjustments

  • Swimming Straight! 

OW Registration Info

Clinic support

We're proud to have the support of our local tri shop, Tri Town in downtown Boise.

If you're interested in trying a blueseventy wetsuit, contact Tri Town before the clinic to get proper size and have the option to go and pick up your suit a day before the clinic.

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