Not ready to commit to a full-time coach but want more than a pre-written, canned training plan? Then why not try MPI's CUSTOMIZED Performance Training Plan?


This Coaching plan is CUSTOMIZED to the individual athlete.  Here's how it works:

A Team MPI Coach will interview you, the athlete, learning about your goals, availability to train, capability and, of course, your "A" race. Your Team MPI coach will then write you a 3, 4 or 5+ month CUSTOMIZED plan through the an online training program leading up to your "A" race. Once the plan is written, you will be on your own to execute the plan.



Once Team MPI has written your CUSTOMIZED Performance Training Plan, it will load into your FREE online account (every plan comes with a FREE online account) where you can configure it to meet your needs and fit into your schedule. Once you’re up and running, you can log your training sessions manually or upload them from your training device to track your progress. View your plan on the go by using the free Training Peaks App or have your planned training sessions for the next day emailed to you.  



After you meet your goal with your training plan, you can reuse it to train for another event or find a new plan to help you reach a new goal. All your data and information remains in your online account for you to review and learn from.  


MPI CUSTOMIZED Stand-Alone Training Plan:


Cost of plan:  

$100 for each customized written month along with a one-time start-up fee of $100. 

For example, if you have MPI write a 3-month CUSTOMIZED Performance Training Plan, the cost would be $300 ($100 for each month) plus the one-time start up fee of $100 for a total of $400.



If you have questions, feel free to contact MPI at: 850.564.8745 or




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