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Why Not Share It All?

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Mark Sortino and Emily Harvey morning of IM Boulder

I have a natural admiration for those athletes that can easily share their goals and dreams with those around them. They don’t hesitate to state publicly what they’re going for and, thus, what they consider a success. They share this info knowing that they may fail and all will know. It’s actually liberating and wonderful. Failure is part of every success, and these athletes know that most everyone is more interested in following their journey.

I equate this with the classic mountaineering expeditions. Many of us are unable to travel to far away lands and climb 14-ners so we live vicariously through those adventurers. We KNOW that so many factors outside these climbers control can derail the expedition and, thus, the summit of mountain. But for most of us, just FOLLOWING and being a part of this journey is our thrill, and we admire and cheer them on regardless of “success” or “failure”.

RACING IS NO DIFFERENT. So many folks are unable or unwilling to embark on endurance events and, thus, live vicariously through athletes who do. Last weekend at Ironman Boulder was another great example with Emily Harvey. She told everyone her goals, dreams, hopes and fears. She had a “village” of support from family, friends, coach and spectators. She overcame so many obstacles during the race and finished in the most spectacular way…with 48 seconds to spare. And you know what? EVERYONE got to share the day with her!

I’ve had hundreds of conversations with athletes over the years about learning to share their goals with others. The conversation goes something like this:

Me: “Why not tell everyone your goal?

Athlete: “I don’t want that pressure.”

Me: “What pressure? Don’t you know they’ll just be cheering you on?”

Athlete: “Yes, but what if I fail? Then everyone will know!”

Me: “Do you think they will care more about you not reaching your goal or more about ATTEMPTING it?”

Athlete: “I don’t know.”

Me: “Would you rather be racing by yourself on an island where no one knows what your doing?”

Athlete: “Sounds good to me…but no.”

Me: "What if you SUCCEED? Think of all those you told and how they were along for the journey. Think how more wonderful it will be!”

Athlete: “Now that’s a good point.”

Me: “Then why not share it all?”

Why Not Share It All?

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