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High Cascades 100 mile MTB race, Bend OR

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

First, I’ve got to say, I LOVED this race! It was well organized, super challenging and lived up to the big 100 miler “EPIC” feeling races. And I will most definitely do it again! But I knowingly, but not intentionally, went into this 10+ hour event not even “Coach Fit” (as I like to say). So here are some fun memories:

The Good:

  • Went with Team MPI Athlete Mike Baughman and his wife and camped at an Oregon State Park - Really fun!

  • Bought an air mattress for Jennifer's and my tent before we left. Essential!

  • Never cooked anything in the camp (except coffee) and ate out all three days. Glamping.

  • Bike was in great shape

The Bad:

  • Coach was not in great shape.

  • Mindset was to finish and not die.

  • Kinda forgot a lot of particulars in race prep…primarily with my two bag drops

  • Previewed a 3 mile section of the course the day before…Uh oh.

  • 65 miles of the course were on single track that I’ve never been on…Uh oh x 2.

The Funny:

  • Spent 25 minutes on course not moving…ah, explanation? See “The Bad” above.

  • Had to pee five times since I guess I thought I was a camel.

  • Bit through my hydration nozzle so I was covered with sticky sports drink from my chest down.

  • Was a complete bumbling fool at two aid stations where I hadn’t actually thought through what I was going to do or what to pack in drop bags. But I laughed at ALMOST every stop between breathing hard and peeing…

  • Congratulated myself on wearing a light jacket for the first 9 miles because it was freezing…until I realized I had put my hydration pack over it and had to stop and take everything off. Oh, while I’m there, why not take my first pee?

  • My verbal chatter throughout the day: “It’s fu$%ing cold!” “S&*T it’s dusty” “Feeling Good” “OMG more single track” “OMG more climbing” “Keep your eyes on the track IDIOT” “HOLY SH$T I almost killed myself” “When is the end?” And crossing the finish line…”That was the coolest race EVER! Can I have a beer?”

  • I thought I’d finish in 10 to 10.5 hours. Finished 11:03

Well, I won’t do something like this again this unfit. BUT, either way, it was so much fun to SUFFER. And it’s a wonderful experience and reminder of how lucky many of us are to be able to do events like this. :) Here's the highlight video from the race!

Ps - I used my Orange Mud hydration pack, My Rudy Project helmet and sunglasses, Petal Power for my chamois butter and Carbo Rocket for all my nutrition. All are Team MPI partners, and the equipment ROCKED!

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