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The Joy of the Puzzle

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Jennifer and I are not crazy puzzle people. In fact, I think we’ve only had completed two puzzles in our house over the last 5 years. So she thought it might make a fun stocking stuffer gift and got one for us. 

Ironically, this puzzle was a picture of dozens of donuts. As I dumped the pieces out and started spreading them around, I was a bit overwhelmed. Many of the pieces looked like the exact same color and there were so many! My process is to find the edges and build the four sides first. Jennifer jumped in and wanted to immediately start separating colors. 

Over the next week, I would get a bit frustrated. I just didn’t know how I was going to complete this puzzle and actually enjoy it! But as each day went by, I started to enjoy the frequency and routine of sitting down, relaxing and puzzling. I don’t know when it happened, but some time when we had over 50% of the puzzle completed, I actually got excited and believed we could do it. Jennifer had her process, and I had mine and they both worked for each of us.

We finally finished it, we were super stoked. Really, what we actually enjoyed was not the final, completed puzzle, but rather the entire process that got us there. In a couple of weeks after taking a break, we’re going to open a new one and begin again.

So…can you see the similarities? :)

When we sign up for an event, especially a race that seems monumental and overwhelming, it can be a lot to handle. But be patient and understand that it may be difficult to adapt to a new routine. Know that some of your friends racing that same race may have a different process, but with the help of a good coach, you can discover the process that works for you. If you do, you’ll enjoy the entire endeavor and when it’s time for the race, it will be "icing on the cake" (or doughnut)!


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