Team MPI Open Water Swim Clinic - Boise, ID

Saturday June 4 2016

Team MPI is conducting it's highly successful Open Water Swim Clinic on Saturday June 4th starting at 8:00am at Quinn's Pond in Boise, ID. This FREE clinic will be a 30 minute dry-land presentation followed by a 45-60 minute beach and open water demonstration and practice. ALL ABILITIES ARE WELCOME!






Registration is REQUIRED (SEE BELOW)



This is a great opportunity to get world class instruction on open water swimming before those "A" races in 2016. While an Elite Ironman competitor would love this clinic, so would a first-time triathlete who wanted to learn the best way to swim in open water. There will be volunteers on SUPs (stand up paddle boards) as well as a lifeguard. This is THE clinic to attend to improve your triathlon swimming!


Team MPI's Head Coach Mark Sortino will be leading this clinic. Find out more about Mark HERE


Additionally, we're excited to be working with Tri Town of Boise, ID who will be providing wetsuits rentals for FREE for those athletes needing a wetsuit for the clinic. If interested, there will be an option to try on a wetsuit Friday, June 3rd at Tri Town shop, or you may try on your suit the morning of the clinic before the start. For more information, please contact Mark HERE. This is another great opportunity for athletes to actually try a wetsuit on before buying one. 




07:30 - Wetsuit try-on by Tri Town at Quinn's Pond

08:00 - Dry land presentation

~08:30 - In-water skills session

~09:30 - Clinic Ends


Presentation will include but not be limited to:

  • Open water training
  • Open water racing
  • Proper water entry
  • Proper water exit
  • How to sight correctly
  • How to draft correctly
  • Race tactics
  • How to put on and wear a wetsuit properly
  • How to calm nerves and conserve energy
  • How to Open Water swim efficiently
  • How to alter tactics for Ocean, Lake, River swims



Clinic will include practice of most topics covered above and will have SUPs (Stand Up Paddle board) for safety and to practice sighting on. This will be a very interactive clinic and will be limited to only 30 athletes. 


Great opportunity to:

  • Putting on and wearing wetsuit correctly
  • Water entry
  • Sighting and navigation on Buoys
  • Drafting
  • Water exit

...All before season starts and in the safe and controlled open water environment of Quinn's Pond, Boise ID. 



* Athletes MUST be able to swim 100 yards to participate in this clinic



Swim Clinic Registration (Clinic is FREE) - click on logo below


Clinic is FREE, but you must register to participate and you must be a USAT member.*

*All participants MUST be a USAT member. Membership is $15 single day or $50 for year


Swim Clinics are USAT Sanctioned