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Corporate Fitness

We design amazing programs for your employees that increase wellness and FUN!


If you're a business that cares about your employees' wellness, check out what we can offer. Team MPI has an extremely diverse wealth of knowledge that allows us to serve your business in countless ways. From designing customized strength video programs to creating group training plans for a local 5K, 10K or Marathon, we've got the coaches who can do it. Additionally, our programs often qualify for your company insurance.

Here's an example of what we can do for you:

Team MPI Event Challenge

Let's imagine there's a local running race in your city that has a great reputation. Your business can offer interested employees the opportunity to race the event and receive a professional 3-month training plan for there fitness level for whatever distance they choose. They will have access to a Team MPI Coach in person on three different occasions along with access to a private social media site where they can ask questions and share experiences during those 3 months. 
Through this process, these employees receive motivation and support from each other and from Team MPI and focus on enjoying the training and the race. Your company enjoys supporting and encouraging a healthy lifestyle and culture at work. WIN & WIN!  

Team MPI Deliverables

  • Every participating employee receives a FREE online account

  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Training Programs

  • Individual employees follow their "Group" training program

  • Program is 3-months long finishing day before the event

  • Team MPI Coach(s) will provide 3 in-person rallies - 1 per month

  • Group will have their own Private Social Media group to communicate with Coach & each other during a training block

  • Company logo T-shirts, Team MPI SWAG and more

Remember, this can be what your company wants it to be: training for a local run race, cycling event, triathlon, MTB camp or clinic, strength program specific to your employees' jobs, etc. There really are no limits on what Team MPI can provide you.

What's the Next Step?

Contact Us and let us know what your thinking and we'll go from there. Once we get an idea of what your company may have in mind, we'll be better able to quote you a price. Additionally, check with your insurance company as this may qualify for a supported wellness and health program - WE obviously think it should be!
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