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Our Partners

Team MPI is very selective about who we partner with and couldn't be more proud to work with this select group of companies. Their commitment to the athlete and the joy that training racing and the endurance lifestyle brings is what inspires us all.
"We're all for the Swim" is blueseventy's tagline, and they are. We are super proud to partner with a company that does one thing, and one thing right: make you a faster swimmer. blueseventy has a long history of making the best wetsuits and speedsuits in the industry. But did you know they make exceptional goggles and accessories as well? A giant in the triathlon world with exceptional experience and innovation, blueseventy swims faster than the rest. And Team MPI is dang excited!
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We're fortunate enough to have built some fantastic relationships in this industry, and we are thankful!  What does this mean to you?
Savings for EVERYONE (Family, Friends and Visitors)!
BodyHealth is what we recommend for all your health supplements. Use "teammpi" to receive 10% Off!
Xterra Boards
XTERRA BOARDS makes the finest inflatable SUPs on the market. They are OUR choice for a cross training tool and water support tool Team MPI. CLICK HERE, and use discount code: CO-MPI for 55% off.
ALTRED: This powerful, plant-based ingredient, exclusive to AltRed, improves oxygen delivery*, mitigates lactic acid* and protects muscles from damage* during activity. Use MPI15 for a discount of 15% off retail price.
The Swim Outlet
Head to the Team MPI Swim Store at to shop recommended equipment for the pool, open water, and dryland training. 
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Checkout HoldTheCarbs for your extremely LOW CARB  KETO products so you can enjoy your muffins, pancakes, pizzas, brownies, granolas and more in a healthy, guilt-free way any time of the day! Use MPI15 for a 15% discount off retail. 
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