MPI Coaching

At the core of Multisport Performance Institute is coaching. The MPI Coaching Team is comprised of USA Triathlon Certified Coaches who share a passion for helping athletes achieve their goals.  With an MPI coach as part of an “athlete’s team”, that athlete will receive an unparalleled level of communication and access to training and racing information available only to them.


MPI Coaching starts with “Team MPI”.  Team MPI is the idea that both coach and athlete work as a team – together.  Team MPI Coaches consider it an honor to be a part of an athlete’s “team”.  In a larger sense, Team MPI extends to all athletes coached in one way or another by MPI Coaches, as each member shares understanding of Team MPI’s philosophy on achieving joy and success in this sport. 


MPI Coaches focus on frequency, consistency and self awareness. Each Team MPI Athlete is treated individually. While MPI Coaches believe in some common training processes & principles, no two Team MPI Athletes’ plans ever look a like. So if an athlete only has 6 hours to train a week or 20 hours, the focus doesn’t change: frequency, consistency and self awareness. 


With regard to training aids, MPI Coaches are able to accommodate any athlete’s request for utilizing heart rate monitors, power meters or GPS in their daily training plans. MPI Coaches teach athletes that utilizing these data sources need to be combined with an athlete’s perception and knowledge of how their body feels during training and racing.


Lastly, Team MPI Coaches are all current, practicing athletes. They know the importance of enjoying the “lifestyle” of triathlon. While focused goals and serious training are always part of their daily lives, Team MPI Coaches train and race because they love to do it. To Team MPI Coaches, there is no such thing as a “workout”.  They call them “training sessions”.  They love to do them and pass this joy on to the athletes they coach.



Performance Coaching Plans

Team MPI offers the Performance Coaching Plan: unlimited access to MPI Coaches through email, text, Skype, Hangout, Facetime, etc. to ensure great communication between athlete and coach. 

- Performance Coaching

  • Free online training account
  • Free TeamMPI Tech T-Shirt, Swim Cap, bike bottle, & some other goodies
  • 20% of MPI Services (Bike Fitting & Swim Video Analysis)
  • Unlimited communication with your coach via text, emails and phone calls. At Team MPI, we coach atheltes, not just write Training Plans. 



  • Monthly FEE for the particular Team MPI Coach
  • One-time startup fee of $100
  • Minimum time in plan: 3 months
  • ** ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY, RWB MEMEMBERS and PARATRIATHLETES receive 20% discount from any coach (excludes the $100 startup fee).


* All plans require a $100 Start-Up 

**A minimum of 3 months in selected Level Coaching Plan is required.


In Person Performance Coaching or Consultations:

$65 per hour



20% Coaching Discount offered to those members below:

Team RWB

Team MPI offers 20% coaching discount to Team Red White and Blue members who support our veterans throughout the country returning from service.  Team MPI has many veterains on its coaching staff and are proud to partner with such a wonderful organization. For every RWB member coached, Team MPI will contribute funds to RWB. For more information, email us here.



Team MPI has been actively coaching Paratriathletes since its first year in 2010. From first time triathletes with physical challenges to World Champion ITU Paratriathletes and in well over 30 Paratriathlon Camps over the last 7 years, Team MPI has been a major part of Paratriathlon's growth. We proudly offer a 20% coaching discount to all paratriathletes. 


Active Duty Armed Forces

With many veterans on Team MPI's coaching staff, we proudly support the United States Active Duty Armed Forces. A 20% coaching discount is offered to all athletes currently serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard on Active Duty.




If you would like to talk more with MPI about their coaching services, feel free to call 850.564.8745 or email


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