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Swim Video Analysis

Let's start really understanding what we're doing in the water and learn how to get better!
Swimming is one discipline that requires an accurate perception of what your body is doing in the water. This development of "proprioception" is one of our main focuses when working with an athlete. 
So how do you know if your stroke is sound? How do you know you're doing a drill correctly? How can you be sure that the latest correction you made has actually occurred? 
Whether you are currently coached by a Team MPI Coach or not, consider a SWIM VIDEO ANALYSIS for a Team MPI Coach near you. Or, consider a remote SWIM VIDEO ANALYSIS from any of Team MPI Coaching Staff. 
There's no better way to start improving your stroke than having it analyzed by a professional who cares. 

Swim Video Options

In-Person Swim Video Analysis

  • Swim Video Analysis is an amazing opportunity for an athlete to learn precisely what to improve and how to do it from a professional Team MPI coach.

  • The session will involve a brief overview followed by a warm-up and then filming of the athlete's freestyle stroke. An immediate review of the video will follow allowing prompt feedback. Then it's back in the water for corrections, more instruction and new drills to learn and practice.

  • This one-on-one in-person coaching is a phenomenal way to jump-start your swim. Contact a Team MPI Coach near you! 

       COST: $150

Remote Swim Video Analysis

  • What if you don't live in the same city or town as a Team MPI Coach? No worries! Team MPI conducts dozens and dozens of remote Swim Video Analysis sessions every year.

  • All you need to do is to capture yourself in six different perspectives with video while in a pool and then send to a Team MPI coach. After reviewing video, the Team MPI coach will contact the athlete and set up a video appointment to review the video together. 

    COST: $100

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