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VFS Bike Fit Certificaiton

Let us EMPOWER YOU to change athlete's perceptions of the bike.
A VFS Certified Fitter can use any other fit system, fixtures, tools, lasers, cameras, etc. because VFS is less about gimmicks and more about knowledge.  
A person trained in the VFS system will have:
  • The Philosophy of Fitting
  • The Mental Aspects of Performing a Fit
  • The Geometry of the Bicycle and How It Relates To Fitting
  • The Biomechanics of Cycling
VFS is not a tool or a program that will magically fit a bicycle to an individual. The core idea behind VFS is to teach a fitter to truly be a fitter.
Understanding the mental side of fitting is an often overlooked element of the fitting process. In today’s world, a person is bombarded by a tremendous amount of marketing claiming some product will save X number of watts over Y distance, which is great on paper but not always practical in the real world.  Having a fitter be able to take a step back with an athlete and see the "forest through the trees" is highly important to VFS.
Understanding that comfort leads to greater efficiency than aerodynamics or peak power is the key to making breakthroughs in cycling. Adding 30 seconds on the bike while dropping 4 minutes on the run in an Olympic Triathlon, or being able to hold a position for an entire 40k TT rather than sitting up every 10 minutes increase efficiency through comfort.
The most important concept to impart to the athlete is “Ride the bike, not fight the bike”. When a rider is comfortable on the bike, riding looks effortless because the rider is moving in a biomechanically efficient manner. The goal of the fitter is to adjust the bicycle so that the rider naturally falls into that comfortable position.

Meet the Founder of VFS

Adam Sczech
Adam Sczech


Fruita, CO

Coach Adam Sczech has performed over 8,000 bike fits and has received bike fit certifications from almost every known manufacturer or fit system. Through this process and with extensive time at the University Lab, Coach Adam has developed the most holistic fit system of its kind: the Veritas Fit System (VFS).

Two Options for VFS Certificaiton

Come to VFS Headquarters
- Fruita , CO 

What to get VFS Certified at VFS Headquarters? Connect with Coach Adam to set up a trip and come to Fruita, CO.

Have Coach Adam Come To YOU 

Want Coach Adam to bring VFS Certification to your city? One possibility is to connect with other interested Fitters and set up a multi-day group VFS Certification class. Connect with Coach Adam to start the process!

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