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These are our Partners

Team MPI is proud to partner with American Bicycle Group, makers of legendary bikes Quintana Roo and Litespeed. Together, Team MPI and American Bicycle Group are offering new opportunities to coaches, athletes and friends within this great sport of triathlon.


Team MPI is very selective about who we partner with and couldn't be more proud to work with the great people of American Bicycle Group. Their commitment to the athlete and the joy that cycling, training and racing brings is what inspires us all.


From the very first triathlon­-specific wetsuit to the freshest PRsix rolling off the showroom floor, Quintana Roo has defined multisport performance. Learn more about QRs history HERE.


Litespeed’s expertise in titanium fabrication led to a collaboration with NASA’s jet propulsion lab to produce the landing gear for the Mars rover “Curiosity.” Learn more about Litespeed's history HERE.



"We're all for the Swim" is blueseventy's tagline, and they are. We are super proud to partner with a company that does one thing, and one thing right: make you a faster swimmer. blueseventy has a long history of making the best wetsuits and speedsuits in the industry. But did you know they make exceptional goggles and accessories as well? A giant in the triathlon world with exceptional experience and innovation, blueseventy swims faster than the rest. And Team MPI is dang excited!



Whatever your sport – elite athlete, keen amateur or simply health conscious, improve your training effectiveness with ithlete – the leading, scientifically founded app from the experts in convenient fatigue & recovery measurement using Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Team MPI is proud to partner with ithlete - such a knowledgeable company whose sole focus is to improve athletes' self-awareness. 


Used by Team MPI Coaches and athletes for endurance events, we're super proud to partner with Carbo Rocket, a company that produces Vegan, All Natural products. Finally, something that could be used all day for hydration, fuel and electrolytes that didn't cause any stomach distress! FUEL SMARTER. GO FARTHER.