Team MPI offers a variety of stand-alone services to meet specific needs. In addition to services listed here, we can develop a customized plan to tune your individual performance.

Swim Video Analysis & Swim Coaching

The Swim Video Analysis is a 90-minute session of videotaping, analysis, review and instruction that helps the triathlete to refine and improve their stroke. With the use of underwater and above-water camera angles, MPI can film every aspect of the swimmer’s technique.Triathletes receive a copy of their video session and a written evaluation that includes recommended drills and techniques. 


One on One coached sessions are done in the pool or open water and are tailored to each athlete's specific level or swimming needs. Sessions include stroke evaluation, drill practice, pacing and endurance building. Athletes should expect to develop more comfort in the water and a more confident, faster swim on race day.

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F.I.S.T. Certified Bike Fit

Team MPI understands that the interface between triathlete and their bike is extremely important. Utilizing the Exit Fit Bike, select Team MPI coaches work with the athlete to determine exact “fit coordinates” for a triathlon position that is comfortable, efficient and powerful under the protocols set by the Fit Institute Slowtwich (F.I.S.T.) system. Team MPI’s certified F.I.S.T. bike fitters can make adjustments to an athlete’s current bike or provide extensive guidance on purchasing a new triathlon bike. This comprehensive service and follow-up support are unique benefits in the fitting industry.

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