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I just don't feel like training.

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Almost everyone has those moments where we lack motivation to get out of bed or out of the house to train. Or we just can’t seem to find the energy or desire to get in that second workout of the day when we get home from work. We are thinking, “I don’t feel like working out!”

Unless you are a professional athlete you probably don’t have a coach standing over your shoulder yelling at you to get up, move, and get that workout done! We have to ‘yell’ at ourselves and rely on our own discipline to get the training done.

Here are a few quotes, mantras, and tips that I use to keep my momentum going and to get myself out the door and get my training done:

  • Nobody ever says “I wish I would have skipped that workout”

  • Regret comes when you don’t do the work. When you miss a training session you are much more likely to have regret than when you go ahead and do the work.

  • Acknowledge that when you are feeling lethargic, once you go ahead and get started, it will result in more energy and a sense of accomplishment and you will just feel better.

  • With sore muscles, a tired body, and thoughts of “I can’t do this work out,” just get started! The muscles will warm up, endorphins will kick in, and you will forget all about the doubts once you are moving.

  • You have goals. Consistency in training will allow you to reach those goals.

  • If being competitive in your age group is a goal, you can bet your competition is getting their training done. You'd better do yours.

  • Not enough time to complete the entire session? Do what you can knowing that doing part of the workout is better than skipping it completely,

  • Accountability is a 2-way street. Get a training partner who relies on you to show up. You will hold each other accountable and call each other out for any no show.

  • The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment.

  • In the end, it’s the extra effort that separates a winner and 2nd place.

  • The difference between success and failure lies in a person’s determination.

  • “Make sure your worst enemy doesn’t live between your ears” ~ Laird Hamilton

  • “You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.” ~ Jerry West

  • “There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.” ~ Derek Jeter

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