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Stocking Stuffer Workouts

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Everyone loves stocking stuffers but most of the time they come in the form of chewing gum, candy, Chap Stick, or gift cards. I’ve decided to give you a few of my favorite stocking stuffer workouts. These are great workouts that are short in duration and require little equipment so that you can do them over the holidays and not lose too much time with the family.


Stocking Stuffer 1: Swim Strength: Stretch Cord Workout (10min)

3 Rounds of the following

  • 1min Double Arm pull

  • 1min 5reps Single Arm Right, 5 reps Single Arm Left, alternating

  • 1min Double Arm Standing Rows

ROUND 1: All Exercises @ Normal speed/Rate

ROUND 2: Double Arm Pull High Cadence, Rest same as Round 1.

ROUND 3: Double Arm Pull Normal, Single Arm Pull (Rhythmic pulses with 3 pulses @ 4 locations of pull), Double Arm Row @ High Cadence

After each Round go right into next round


Stocking Stuffer 2: Bike: Russian Pyramid (50min)

Warm Up: 10min build up gradually to a Mod Hard (RPE 7) by end

5 x 10 secs seated sprints with 50sec easy between

Main Set: Russian Pyramid: Repeat 2X

  • 5 secs sprint / 55 secs easy spin recovery

  • 10 secs sprint / 50 secs easy spin recovery

  • 15 secs sprint / 45 secs easy spin recovery

  • 20 secs sprint / 40 secs easy spin recovery

  • 25 secs sprint / 35 secs easy spin recovery

  • 30 secs sprint / 30 secs easy spin recovery

  • 35 secs sprint / 25 secs easy spin recovery

  • 40 secs sprint / 20 secs easy spin recovery

  • 45 secs sprint / 15 secs easy spin recovery

  • 50 secs sprint / 10 secs easy spin recovery

  • 55 secs sprint / 5 secs easy spin recovery

  • 60 secs sprint

5mins easy spin, then repeat the above set

Cool Down: 5-10min Easy Spin


Stocking Stuffer 3: Run: Tabata Run Intervals

Warm Up:

  • 10min Build Easy to Tempo

  • 5X (10sec high knees/10sec butt kickers)

  • 30sec easy jog between

  • 5X (30sec Pick ups/30sec Easy)

Main Set: Tabata Intervals Repeat 5X

  • 6X20sec ALL OUT / 10sec Easy jog

  • 2min Easy jog between

Cool Down: 10min Easy Spin Compression, Stretch, Eat


Stocking Stuffer 4: Strength: Core and LE’s (30min)

3X Through of Below (Add weight if available)

  • 30sec Pistol Squats w/ DB (Stand up from bench w/ 1 leg out in front heel touch

  • 30sec Single Leg Lunge, One Leg on Bench

  • 30sec Jump Squats

3X Through of Below

  • 30sec Lower Ab Crunch (bring legs up& towards chest)

  • 30sec Upper Ab crunches (Normal crunch)

  • 30sec Lower Ab/Upper Ab Crunch together

  • 1min Rest

  • 30sec Upper Plank/Lower Plank

  • 30sec Plank with Alt Lifting R/L leg


Stocking Stuffer 5: Super Sprint Bike/Run Brick (75min)

Bike 1: 5min Build Easy to Tempo, 3X2min Threshold with 1min easy between

Run 1: 5min Build Easy to Tempo, 2X3min 5K pace with 2min easy between

Bike 2: 2min Tempo, 3X1min ALL OUT with 1min Easy between

Run 2: 3min Tempo, 4X30sec Hard with 1min easy between

Bike 3: 2min Aerobic, 4X30sec ALL OUT with 1min Easy between

Run 3: 6min Fast as can go,

Cool Down: 5-10min walk, jog, spin whichever you want.


I hope you can try to squeeze one of these stocking stuffer workouts into each day over the holiday to blast away all those extra calories from the Christmas cookies. Maybe you can even persuade one of your family members to join in. Merry Christmas!

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