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It’s the Little Things

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Regardless of whether you’re in the final month(s) of your season or you have just finished up, it’s always a good time to go back to the simple things that make your athletic movements efficient. Here are some basic tips to focus on while running, cycling, swimming, Mountain Biking and walking. Pick a couple out and be self-aware the next time you’re training!


  • Stand Tall

  • Shoulders Relaxed and swinging freely

  • Hands relaxed and arms naturally bent

  • Hips “forward” and rotating easily in perfect timing, but opposite direction with shoulders

  • Cadence around 90 single-leg steps per minute (180 total for both legs)

Cycling (on road or on trainer)

  • Full, round circles

  • Straight lower back (stick that butt out)

  • Light Hands

  • Head forward (or mostly forward if in aero position)

  • Cadence 82-98 per minute for one leg


  • Awareness of “catch phase” under water: high elbow, forward of shoulder, lower arm and hand acting as one paddle

  • Kick from the hips (not the knees) and keep ankles loose

  • Head comfortable and between looking straight down to slight up (athlete dependent)

  • Good rotation of hips and good extension of arm entering water (causing good rotation of shoulders)

  • Relaxed arm and hand during “recovery phase” when out of water

Mountain Biking

  • Light hands, heavy feet

  • Balance on bike trumps the “line” you take

  • Eyes always well ahead, not on front wheel

  • When off saddle, high hinge or low hinge, but always relaxed and belly button over bottom bracket

  • Cadence 70-85 per minute for one leg


  • Stand tall, head forward

  • Shoulders relaxed

  • Arms relaxed and straight to allow full swinging (like toy solder)

  • Aggressive step forward to land on heel of foot

  • Hips “forward” and rotating easily in perfect timing, but opposite direction with shoulders

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