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5 Key Things to Do for a Successful Post Race Recovery

You've done it! You've just completed a race, and you are feeling GREAT!! Congrats! You know you've heard something about post-race recovery, but honestly, you are on such an endorphin high right now that you don't remember what you heard. Luckily, some recommendations are written here for you:

1. Cool Down

Immediately after your race, you'll be tempted to sit or lie down and not move. After all, you just spent all your energy on that race!! Instead of immediately remaining still, walk (or roll) for at least 5-10 minutes if at all possible. You don't need to walk quickly, but walking will reduce the risk of sudden negative impacts on your cardiovascular system and muscles.

2. Rehydrate

You know what tastes really good after a race? Beer. You know what will dehydrate your system, which is already dehydrated after a race? Also beer. Before grabbing that delicious alcoholic beverage, replenish the water and electrolytes you lost during your race.

3. Refuel

Along with rehydrating, you want to refuel with nutrient-dense foods, specifically protein, to help rebuild the muscles that have broken down. If possible, you should eat something within the first 20 to 30 minutes after you finish, then eat a well-balanced meal soon after.

4. Rest

Take a nap. Or go to bed early. Or don't plan on getting up at a ridiculous hour the following day. In all seriousness, sleep is a critical component in body recovery. The negative implications of lack of sleep include everything from decreased reaction time to poor endurance efforts to injury recovery and prevention. This is especially true in critical times such as post-race.

5. Stretch

As an athlete, we're often told to stretch after a workout - but we often forget to stretch after a race (hey, I get it…emotions are high, we're glad to be done, and sometimes we just forget!). Stretching can help the muscle recovery process and alleviate Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Long story short…stretch today to make tomorrow comfortable!

If you've utilized all your recovery tools, congrats!! Now is the time to celebrate!


Coach Becky Piper is a USA Triathlon Certified Level 1 Triathlon Coach, Paratriathlon Coach, and Cycling Coach. She is currently on her way to Michigan but has made a little stopover in Wisconsin to see friends and family while her husband Sam is serving in the military. Her dog, Gunner, is with her on the long adventure across the country. She is the reigning national champion in the Time Trial and Road Race in women’s C2 Paracycling and is preparing for her debut in the Paralympic Trials, but her true passion is coaching. Coach Becky can be reached at



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