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Fall In Love With the Process

When you sign up for a race of any kind, it's natural to mentally focus on your desired outcome. Whether getting a PR, finishing well, earning a podium spot, or any other desired outcome, most of us immediately begin focusing on the end result we want.

After the race, when you have the result in your hand, most athletes continue focusing on the outcome, whether they've achieved good or bad results. This emphasis can lead to all kinds of emotions across the entire spectrum.

Placing so much emphasis on the final result or outcome of a race is very common in sports. After all, athletes sign up for races with a desire to achieve something. Coaches want to help their athletes make progress and achieve big things. Still, this mindset can be quite limiting for both athletes and coaches.

Focusing on the process rather than just the outcome can positively impact your overall performance and sense of satisfaction.

Focusing on the process means dissecting all the stages and steps required to accomplish your goal to enjoy and learn from every stage. Some of the parts of the process are:

-Efficiency: being aware of the everyday changes and progress in your run, bike, or swim can boost your confidence and overall self-esteem.

-Friends and socialization: being aware of how socialization and community impact your overall well-being. Does training with friends or in a group affect your mood and performance?

-Overall health: maintaining an understanding of how your training is improving your overall health can boost your sense of satisfaction throughout the training process.

-Experience: gaining experience and understanding about yourself and your sport will make athletes more confident and able to adapt in training and racing.

Overall, focusing on the process rather than the outcome can make you a winner before the race even starts.

One example of focusing on the overall process that comes to mind is my own journey. I began coaching with Team MPI in 2017, and today, I'm coming to the final stretch of my time with Team MPI. I'm reflecting on my time here, remembering all the good friends I made and the wonderful things I've experienced while being part of this team. I've become more confident as a coach and a person.

Now, I have loads of technical knowledge, coaching experience, and a new vision for the power of a group of people with common interests. All these things lead to enjoying the process, no matter the final result.

Thank you, Coach Mark Sortino and all the friends of Team MPI; you taught me to enjoy the process and made the process so enjoyable.




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