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Find An Escape But Stay Connected

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

The unknown still "the norm" in our society. COVID-19 is still causing closures and there is potential for future spikes in cases. It is so hard to stay motivated and to focus on something. If you are like me, you probably feel like a pent up animal that just needs to get out and pounce on something. I would say that this is a total normal feeling right now. 

Although it may feel comforting that you are not alone, this does not take away the need to get out of the cage. My recommendation is to find the escape that works for you, but make it an escape that also facilitates staying connected to the endurance community. 

I know that virtual events may seem new and unappealing, but right now these events are a good way to expend that pent up energy while also staying connected. I recently competed in the Texas Independence Relay virtually with Team Catapult and it was so much more fun than I thought it would be.   USA Triathlon is having its annual Tri Week from June 22 to 28. This event has grown over the past few years and offers many opportunities to stay connected in the triathlon community. It also offers a virtual bike-run event.  USA Triathlon has a webpage for this event with the schedule for the week at .  We don't know when this pandemic will end. This means we don't know when we will be able to get out and race our favorite events. What we can do is get involved in some of these virtual events to distract ourselves from frustration and prevent isolation and depression. Keeping connected to the endurance community also strengthens the bond we have and keeps the spirit alive. 

Join me in getting involved in the 2020 #TriWeek with USA Triathlon. 


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