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Meet athlete Zachary DeLany

Zach is training with Coach Laura Henry

I live in Brockport NY. I am a full time caregiver, and a retired Firefighter and Army Veteran. I have been enjoying triathlons for 6 years now, which I initially started after an arm injury at work.

Before that (see photo) I was fighting alcoholism, drug abuse, and PTSD.

The Tri community accepted me with open arms, and I quickly fell in love with the sport. I lost 60 lbs, learned to swim, and became more comfortable with running.

In 2016 I completed IRONMAN 70.3 Syracuse, and IRONMAN 70.3 Eagleman in 2017. I met Coach Laura Henry at Du the Lakes In 2016, and witnessed her successfully coaching. Then I saw her during the Syracuse HIM and she encouraged me to keep going when it felt like the wheels had completely fallen off on the run.

My plan is to complete the Sehgahunda Trail Marathon, and then to beat 7 hours at Ironman 70.3 Steelhead this year, to qualify for S.O.S.! After that, I would like to enjoy some destination races with my family and watch my kids compete in their first sprint tri.

I currently struggle with two bad arms, severe arthritis and epicondylitis, along with tendon damage from years of abuse in the military and firefighting life. Swimming smooth and steady alleviates some of the daily chronic pain I deal with, and races help me set goals to drive my daily training. Now with Laura’s structured workouts, I am more goal oriented, rather than simply “winging it!” I appreciate the prompt feedback and professional advice to keep me on track towards crushing goals.

My father passed away January 20, as I was preparing to train that morning. Besides being a magnificent father and man, he ran 9 marathons, including Boston in 1987. I was there when he qualified in Columbus OH, with a time of 3:03:05. It was awesome, and as I helped him to the hotel, I asked him how he did it. “DeLanys never quit” he said. This year is dedicated to Judson DeLany Jr., my father. Time to get to work!

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